Sunriver Arrival Day

Yay! We made it! It has been a long day, that's for sure. The drive up here was pretty smooth. We were caught in some drizzly weather. It felt good to feel rain drops. I haven't felt rain in a really long time. We picked up Brittney from camp first thing, and then made our way up and around Mt. Hood to Warm Springs reservation, and to Peter Skene Ogden State Park. We stop here every time we drive to Sunriver. It has such a pretty view, and it brings the silly out of us, especially after sitting in the car for a couple of hours straight. 

Last year when we stopped here, my dad was using crutches because of his knee surgery. It really doesn't seem that long ago, but it was a whole year ago. Time flies by so fast. 
This view is always a checkpoint for me when we drive to Sunriver. I love how the trees line the revine, and the clouds linger low, and the view begs to be photographed. It usually doesn't turn out, but I am really happy that the clouds showed up in the photo. 
This is the revine at Peter Skene Ogden State Park. That bridge over there is the functioning, active road, and the bridge I was standing on to take this is the old, decommissioned road. It no longer functions as a road, but it is now a tourist attraction. 
In Sunriver, we pulled into a familiar drive way. We have stayed in the same house four times now, and we love it! It fits our situation perfectly, and it holds a lot of fun memories. After we settled a bit after the drive, we took an evening walk, and the mosquitos were everywhere! Luckily, we had the Badger Balm Anti-Bug spray on, so they were just flying around us, they didn't bite us. :) we saw some deer, but unfortunately the photos I took were no good. I will try to get a decent photo of one while we are here. 
When we arrived back at the house, the little girls went in the hot tub, and the rest of us were just hanging out, talking, and having a little snack. It felt good to relax after a long day of traveling, and busy  activity. 

I am so glad to be here! I love Sunriver. It is gorgeous, and there are so many fun activities to do here. I can't wait to see what the week brings. I will try and do a daily blog post of my days here in Sunriver. I would love to share my vacation with my readers. 

Happy Weekend!