Summer Beauty with Olivine Atelier

Beauty comes from within, but taking care of our outer beauty is a must. I found this wonderful brand when I was coming home from my trip in Sunriver. When we stopped off in Sisters, Oregon, I found this little shop called Wander Northwest, and saw these beautiful spray bottles. I looked around the store for a few minutes, and I had to go back and grab this box set. I bought it on a whim, and I am glad that I did. These beauty mists are gentle, and they give you a glow of beauty. 

The Love + Roses beauty mist is gentle, beautiful, and it smells so good. The natural, rose fragrance lasts a long time, so I like to use it as a perfume as well. Since I don't wear facial makeup, only eye makeup, I like to spritz this on before I put the rest of my makeup on, when I wear makeup. It is such a pretty mist, and I love the fact that it is all natural, cruelty-free, and vegan. The rose essential oil used in Love + Roses beauty mist takes tens of thousands of rose petals to make. To me, that is beautiful, and precious. This nourishing spray is uplifting, conditioning, and hydrating for your face and body. This beauty mist can also be used as a gentle hair mist, to hydrate and nourish hair strands. It is such a beautiful mist, and I am in love with it. 
Olivine Atelier's Love + Salt Beach Hair & Body mist makes beautiful waves in your hair. Love + Salt mist is bottled up beachy air, and salt water. This mist is made with hydrating salts, like Pink Himalayan Salt, and epsom salts. Another hydrating property in this mist is fractionated coconut oil, which helps keep hair nourished, and the roots, tips, and strands hydrated. It does well on my hair when I spritz it all over, and I grab my hair in fists to help wave it out. Another great way to get those beautiful, beachy waves is to "tie up in a top knot, leave it up overnight, and have sultry waves in the morning," a tip from  Julie at Olivine Atelier. I have a beach trip coming up soon, and I am definitely going to be sporting these beachy waves on the Oregon Coast. 
Olivine Atelier is such a great, eco-friendly, beauty company, and I love the fact that Olivine Atelier products are made in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Seattle, Washington. I love local products! In my quest to find safe, all-natural beauty products, this is definitely one of my favorite finds. 


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