Skincare and Personal Care While Traveling

Everyone has their own preferences on what their skincare regiment is, and if they have little tricks they like to practic while traveling, that is all their own. I have my own little tricks too, and new things that I am trying, so I wanted to share what I am bringing on my trip as a part of my skincare and personal care regiment. I thought that I was going to be a minimalist in this area, but I kept seeing things that would be handy to have on my trip. 

Surprise! I'm not bringing facial makeup! I am, however bringing eye makeup. I know I would regret leaving all of my makeup at home, so I want to bring just a small amount. I still love makeup, and while I really enjoy not wearing any, I also like to enhance my beauty with a little eye makeup every now and then. 
My skincare regiment while traveling is pretty much the same for my everyday life. Cleanse in the morning, remove makeup and cleanse again at night. I brought my Yes To Tomatoes cleanser and moisturizer because it is doing amazing on my skin. My skin is looking so much better, and I really feel out of all of the things I am doing to keep my skin and body healthy, the Yes To Tomatoes is the major component. I am also bringing my Beautycounter Routine Clean because I like to switch out cleansers every couple of days. I also brought my Dark Angels from Lush because I like to exfoliate mid week. I brought my Beautycounter Rose Water spray for a little cooling spritz. It isn't going to be super warm this next week in Sunriver, but I like to use it my "facial makeup." I am making my own body wash, and I will be doing that tomorrow morning before we head out, that is why it isn't shown, but I am bringing The Honest Company shampoo, and I am also bringing Everyday Shea vanilla conditioner. To bring with me for those bike rides for a midday facial cleanse, I brought with me Pacifica Purify facial towelettes. I am a big fan of facial towelettes for traveling. They are so easy, and make cleansing quick, yet effective. 
I am not going to deal with my homemade deodorant on my trip, so I grabbed some Tom's of Maine deodorant. I really like Tom's of Maine, they are trustworthy and they hold themselves to a high standard. I am also bringing Badger Sunscreen, and Badger Anti-Bug Spray for those activities outside. I feel better knowing I am putting all-natural, organic ingredients on my body instead of harsh ingredients. I really like not reading "Warning: Toxic" on my products. For those cuts, scrapes, aches, and pains, I am bringing my Boiron collection. I trust them because they are all natural, and they really WORK! They work quickly, and effectively. I don't travel, or go anywhere hardly without my Boiron stuff. I am also bringing a little facial sunscreen because I want to protect my skin on all acounts. 

As you can tell, I am pretty excited about my upcoming trip. In the past, I had trouble knowing what to pack up with me for my travels, so I only hope that I could help one of my readers in packing for one of their ventures. If you found this post helpful, I would love it helped me share this post. 

Have a great weekend, readers!