Nightly Skincare Routine

Showing your skin some love is incredibly important. I talked about my morning skincare routine last week, so I wanted to share my nightly skincare routine this week. I cannot stress how important taking care of your skin is. While you can't really control your hormonal levels that may lead to skin issues, you can certainly clean and care for your skin. During the day, people subconsciously touch their face. They touch their faces out of nervous habit, or to rest against their hands, your hands have bacteria on them which transfers to your skin, and stays on there. That bacteria can create more skin issues, those issues being far worse then a few blemishes here and there. So, cleansing your face after a long day, before going to bed is highly encouraged. Here is what I do for my skin before I go to bed: 
To help hydrate my face, I cleanse my face with Beautycounter's Routine Clean first. It doesn't suds up, but I like that because it means that it doesn't have a foaming agent in it. I have been talking about Beautycounter a lot for the past few weeks, it is because they are amazing, all-natural, and honest. I am a sucker for simple cleansers. They are easy, gentle, and they simply cleanse your face without magic tricks, or promises other, fancy face washes can't keep. To me, Beautycounter's Routine Clean is as fancy as face cleansers get. 

After I cleanse my face, I like to use Vichy Life Serum to destress my skin. I only like to use it a couple times a week because it has more effect that way. It makes my skin glowy, and it helps brighten up my dull skin after stressors. Over the top of the Life Serum, I love to use Badger Balm's Damascus Rose Face Oil as my facial moisturizer. I love, love, love Badger Balm products, and I love, love, love how this facial oil hydrates my skin. It leaves my skin dewey, and I feel like my skin is actually nourished after using the Damascus Rose Face Oil. 
Skincare is very important, and it should be part of your daily routine. If you were inspired by this post, I would love it if you shared my post. I have share buttons below to make it easy, and I would love to read your comments. Please feel free to share your nightly skincare routine. I am always curious as to what my readers skincare routines are. :)