KMS California Hair Play Sea Salt Spray

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The weather has been scorching the past few weeks, and I haven't been wanting to use heat on my hair. I like to embrace a natural look during Summer, because frankly, it takes much less time to get ready for the day without having to spend twenty minutes on your appearance. To give a little extra oomf to my natural waves, I like to use KMS California's Hair Play Sea Salt Spray. KMS California enhances your natural waves, and creates beautiful waves (if you happen to have straight hair). KMS California makes beachy waves happen without the misty and salty beach air, although, who doesn't want to go to the beach? If you can't get beachy waves from the real thing, KMS California comes pretty close to the real beach
I mist my hair with KMS California's Hair Play Sea Salt Spray, and I use my hands to grab at my hair. It helps give it more wave if you help your hair out a little. 
I love how wavy it makes my hair, but what I also love is the fact that it isn't sticky when you put it on your hair. The sea salt spray is not like hair spray. That is something I dislike about hair spray, it makes you feel sticky, and it makes your crunchy. The KMS California Sea Salt Spray does the exact opposite; this spray makes your hair soft, texturizes, and gives your hair the Summer vibe that you want it to have. Also unlike hair spray, KMS California's Hair Play Sea Salt Spray smells amazing, and it doesn't smell chemically. I can't stop touching my hair, it feels, and looks so good! Even after having it up in a bun for a few hours, when I let my hair down, the waves are still wild, respectively. It holds like hair spray without the "hair spray" feel.
This is the hair product of Summer. It brings the beachy air to your hair, and it makes your hair Summer ready. KMS California's Hair Play Sea Salt Spray is perfect for the alternative,  "no heat" hair style that you may be trying to acheive.  
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