How To Pack For Unpredictable Weather

I am going on vacation! I haven't been on a vacation in a while, so I am super excited. My family and I are all going to Sunriver Resort, and while I was taking inventory of what I should I pack, I thought that I should share some packing tips with my readers. A quick tip before we begin: Check the weather of the place you will be staying. Sunriver's weather can be unpredictable, because it's in Central Oregon. For all of next week, weather in Sunriver seems to be questionable, but that doesn't mean I have to pack my whole wardrobe. I am going to be honest with you, I am one to overpack, and cram clothes into all corners of the suitcase, but that's okay in this case, because we change a lot for the different activities we do in Sunriver. I am going to make it easy for you, and share some easy tips on what to pack for when weather is unpredictable. 
Tip 1: Layering. Pack shorts, tank tops, and of course underthings. I like to pack neutral colors, or colors that go with mostly everything. It is easier to put together outfits when you don't have to worry about clashing. I like to avoid looking tacky on vacations :). If the weather is a bit iffy, pack something to toss on over a tank top. Layering is awesome because if the weather changes a few minutes after you put on a light jacket, you can always take it off, and tie the jacket around your waist. Since we do a lot of athletic activities in Sunriver, I also packed some athletic shorts, some sports bras, and my swimwear. I am also packing a pair of longer athletic pants, just incase the temperature drops a few degrees, I don't want to be cold during a bike ride, or a walk. 
Tip 2: When it is Summer, and the weather is iffy, you of course want to pack Summer season clothing, but you also want to pack some warmer clothing. In Central Oregon during the Summer, it is hot during the day, and it cools down during the night. I have been going to Sunriver every year for the majority of my life, and it is tradition to take night walks, so I packed a pair of longer pants, a longer sleeved shirt, and some jackets to take with me. I tossed in my kimono for fun, maybe to wear in the village on a cool breezy day. :)
Tip 3: Shoes. Pack shoes for when it is a little chilly, for when it is warm, and for moderate weather. I take in account the weather, but I also take into account the athletic activities I will be doing in Sunriver. I am packing my trainers for bike riding, walking, and for when it is chilly, and I am packing my Tevas for when the weather is warmer, biking, walking, and hiking. The other shoes are for strolling, and walking in the village for those days with moderate to warmer weather, and of course for the style component. Pack shoes that are stylish, yet practical. 
Tip 4: Skincare. Skincare is not a major component for weathering your wardrobe, but it is important for protecting your skin in certain weather, or even certain situations. After doing inventory on my skincare, I realized that I needed a few things. I am not taking that Aveeno sunscreen, I am going to get Badger Balm sunscreen, and their bug balm. Sunscreen is so important when vacationing anywhere, even if there is going to be snow while vacationing, you should still pack sunscreen. I am also packing my Boiron loot, because they are my first aid kit. I don't go anywhere without my Boiron stuff. Last year in Sunriver, we had a few cuts and scrapes while doing various, athletic activities, and this year I want to be prepared. I will do a more indepth travel skincare post on Friday, so you can read more about what to pack for skincare while traveling.

When weather is not always on your side for vacations, it really puts a damper on your getaway (no pun intended). Just take a look at the season you are in, and the place you are going. If you have never been to the place you are going, you can call the hotel you are staying at prior, and you can ask them how often the weather changes, and what the locals mostly wear. It is always best to be prepared, and pack a little extra for a weather situation you may run into.


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