Foster FarmsⓇ Buffalo Drumsticks

The following post is sponsored by Foster FarmsⓇ.

Summertime is the season for gathering around outside, grilling, and having a good time. I love BBQ and Buffalo drummies, so I decided to grill up some Foster FarmsⓇ Simply Raised Drumsticks as a way to welcome in the Summer season. 

Foster FarmsⓇ has been family-owned and operated, providing fresh chicken to the West Coast since 1939. What is awesome about Foster FarmsⓇ is that all of their chickens are raised on the West Coast. Foster FarmsⓇ is proud to provide products that are 100 percent natural, meaning that their chicken has no additives, preservatives, hormones, or steroids. In Foster FarmsⓇ new Simply Raised line, antibiotics are never used. It is a comfort knowing that I am not eating chicken that is pumped full of antibiotics, hormones, and whatever else people put in chicken. When I eat Foster FarmsⓇ, I know I am eating good, safe chicken. 

Because Foster FarmsⓇ raises their chickens so well, they received the American Humane Certified seal on their products. 

Foster FarmsⓇ has revolutionized its packaging, logo, and a new trio of fresh chicken products that offer the best quality. Their new logo is very modern, fresh, and extremely eye-appealing. 
So, In honor of the Summer Solstice, a family BBQ was well in order. A few years ago, I made baked buffalo drumsticks, so I decided to recreate that recipe for the grill using Foster FarmsⓇ Simply Raised Drumsticks. 

Here is what you will need: 
-Foster FarmsⓇ Simply Raised Wings or Drumsticks.
-buffalo sauce
-barbecue sauce
-tin foil

Here is what you do:
First, rinse off the chicken in the sink with cold water. Rinsing off the chicken is something that I like to practice. It is always a good thing when dealing with fresh chicken. Next, I snipped a bit of the skin off the drumsticks. If you enjoy a lot of skin on your chicken, you can skip this part. I don’t particularly like a lot of skin on my chicken, and I feel that it cooks a little better without all of the skin on there. I put the rinsed drumsticks on a plate to take out to the grill, but I did not place them directly on the grill. My family has a trick for preventing the chicken from drying out, and that is placing a sheet of tin foil on the grill, and grilling the chicken in it’s own juices. So, place a sheet of tin foil on an already hot grill, and then place the chicken legs on the tin foil. Let the drumsticks cook until they are almost ready, then take a sauce brush or a spoon and put one a generous amount of buffalo sauce or barbecue sauce. I like to mix buffalo and barbecue sauce together on the chicken. Let the chicken cook a bit longer, and use a knife to cut into it to make sure it is done. Once there is no more pink left in the meat, take the chicken off the grill, and share with your family. 
My family was very excited that I was the one making dinner. They were especially excited when I brought out the Foster FarmsⓇ package. They all said that the dinner was delicious, and they loved the pure flavor that the chicken provided. It was fun to eat outside, and it brought my family together. My sister is working at a camp all Summer, so it was nice to have her home for the weekend, and to share this meal with her. 
It was extremely enjoyable to grill with Foster FarmsⓇ Simply Raised fresh chicken. It added pizazz to our barbecue dinner, and I trust Foster FarmsⓇ because they deliver quality products. 
So, for your next Summer barbecue, consider using Foster FarmsⓇ chicken to “wow” your guests. 

This post is sponsored by Foster FarmsⓇ. All opinions are my own.