Coming Home from Sunriver

Well, I am home from one of the best vacations I have had in a long time. I am all unpacked, and I have a new perspective on life. I am so excited to share my new ideas for my blog, and for my life. I feel so revitalized, and I feel refreshed. Yesterday, before we left, we packed up our stuff, and checked out of Shagbark 20 at about 10:30 am. We took photos of the house that we have stayed in four times to keep the memories. 

For the six days we were in Sunriver, we were all helping to put together this puzzle. It was a struggle, therefore we did not finish. I barely worked on it, it was mainly my mom, my aunt, and my Grandma who worked on the puzzle. They got a good chunk done. 
After we left the house, we went into The Village so my grandparents could check out of the house. In the parking lot, we saw this huge moth taking a rest. At first we thought it was dead, but it wasn't there when we came back from our last minute village ventures. These moths were everywhere! They are huge, and creepy, but when they aren't fluttering around, they are kind of pretty. 
I went to Brewed Awakenings for the last time yesterday, and ordered a decaf iced mocha. It tasted exactly like a chocolate covered espresso bean, it was delicious! I am going to miss this little coffee shop. I am probably going to order a bag of their coffee because it tastes amazing! 
I also went to Hot Lava Baking Company one last time and got a garlic dill bagel, and a maple bar. We left Sunriver, it was sad, but vacations have to end sometime. When we go home from Sunriver, we always stop in Sisters, Oregon. On our way to Sisters, we also stop at the viewpoint to see the cascade mountain range. It is so amazing, and so beautiful. 
Once we arrived in Sisters, we went to Three Creeks. It is a little resort where you stay in cabins, and the landscaping is beautiful. It is perfect for staying a few nights, or a weekend getaway. I would love to stay here sometime. It is the cutest place, and there are wild flowers everywhere. 
As we continued our way through Sisters, we stopped in a few shops, and then ate at The Gallery. I saw pop up tents through the windows of The Gallery, and knew that the Sisters Farmer's Market was going on. When we were in Sisters last year, the Farmer's Market was going on and I bought some T's Tonics products. I was hopping that the Farmer's Market was going on again this time so that I could buy more T's Tonics. I was hoping T's Tonics was even at the Farmer's Market. The Farmer's Market was there, and so was T's Tonics. I bought three, amazing products from her, and I can't wait to feature these products in a post. 
Also at the Farmer's Market, they had a booth called Caboost Kombucha. I ordered the Lemongrass kombucha, and it was so good! Unfortunately, it made me not feel so good. I guzzled it down, and the carbonation made me feel unwell. I love the smoothness of the Caboost Kombucha, it is mild, and really good. I should not have guzzled it, though. 
The last shop I went into was totally Courtney. I didn't have the chance to thoroughly look through the store, but I did see these amazing sprays from Olivine Atelier. They are all natural, 100% vegan, and the packaging is super cute. I cannot wait to feature these two wonderful sprays. 
We left Sisters, and drove through Warm Springs reservation, then all of a sudden we were in the Mt. Hood National Forest. That means we were an hour from home, and the vacation was  quickly coming to an end. 
We got home around 7:00 pm last night, and I unpacked all of my stuff. I realized that during my vacation, I lived pretty much carefree. I lived organized, and I lived peacefully for a week. I wanted to keep that going, so I unpacked and organized my stuff. I am excited to share with my readers the things that I learned during my trip. It was a wonderful trip. I can't believe it is already over. :( back to reality.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!