10 Summer Skincare Tips

Summer is the season for glowing skin, so to promote glowy skin, I have discovered some sure fire ways to get that perfect, summer look. I am so excited because these methods are helping, and improving my skin, making my skin look amazing, and erasing the issues that I was worried about a few days ago. I wanted to share these methods with all who are interested in gearing up their skin for Summer. 
1. Ice Facial. To acheive a dewy look, wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and run the covered ice cube all over your face. You want to be sure it is covered because running an uncovered ice cube over your skin could break blood vessels. Benefits of doing the ice facial were exactly what I was looking for, since the promotes blood flow to the skin, heals and fights blemishes, and even reduces wrinkles. 
2. Drink a few cups of skin detox tea, and green tea a day. I have been guzzling down skin detox tea, and green tea for a few months, and I see a major difference in my skin when I drink green tea. My skin detox tea has helped erase blemishes that I have had for a couple of weeks, and I love well it works! I picked up this skin detox tea at World Market. It works like a charm, and I love the results. Green tea is also a perfect superfood for your skin. With the help of free radicals, green tea can help your skin in the event of sun damage. That is perfect for Summer. 

3. Cleanse Your Face After You Sweat. Everybody sweats on their face, but don't let it linger! You should not let sweat linger anywhere on your body for long periods of time. Sweat can attract dirt, and attract unwanted bacteria, which can both clog your pores. Everybody should carry around facial wipes with them, because not everybody has the time or resources to cleanse their face right after they sweat. Cleansing wipes are a great way to quickly your skin.
4. Refresh your skincare routine, and skincare products. With a new season, you need new skincare. If you have been using the same facial cleanser for years, it is high time to make the switch to a new facial cleanser. Your skin will look amazing! I am using Yes To Tomatoes cleanser and moisturizer, and Beautycounter's Routine Clean, and Rose Water Uplifting Spray. I love the way my skin has perked up since using them. 
5. Use Coconut Oil Instead of Tanning Oil. Since I have made the switch over to safer products, I am not using chemical-filled tanning oil to get that kissed-the-sun tan. I am using coconut oil as tanning oil because it helps give you a great tan! Now, be advised that coconut oil that does not have SPF in it, so please be careful in the sun. 

6. Spend some time outside, and let your skin breathe. On days that you find yourself inside, with the air conditioner constantly on, you should really go outside, and spend some time in the fresh air. The air from the air conditioner is really not all that great for your body, so go outside where there are trees, and plants that give off the better oxygen. 
7. Eat Fruits, Veggies, and a Balanced Diet. Your body craves nutrients, and your skin really benefits from them. I used to think it didn't matter if I ate better, or ate lower quality foods, but it really does matter. If you eat an apple every morning, your skin will improve, and you will start to feel better. That saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is not just a saying, it is the truth. Toss in a few berries at meal times, or eat a piece of fruit for a snack. Your skin will begin to glow. 

8. Stay Hydrated. Summer is also the time for intense heat, so keep your body hydrated with plenty of water. I try to drink 40 to 60 oz. a day. This not only hydrates my skin, but it keeps my hair shiny, soft, and healthy looking. Keeping yourself hydrated also offers a simple detox, and while you flush out those toxins, you are helping your skin. 
9. Get Some Sun! But not too much sun. If you are suffering from some skin issues, such as acne and blemishes, go for a little natural tan for about 10 to 15 minutes. Sunlight and a little vitamin D will help heal those skin problems. 

10. Take A Break From Makeup. Seriously. You can go a couple of days without makeup. I have gone three weeks without facial makeup, and I see a huge difference. While I was wearing organic, and all-natural (complete organic makeup), I still noticed that my skin looked a little dull and worn out. I decided to take a break from facial makeup, and eye makeup on some days, and go around bare face. It has helped me in so many ways, improving my skin being a big contender. Let your natural, bare skin show. Be confident in the skin you are in, and love it. 

Honestly, skincare is so important, and like trends, skincare also must change with the seasons. Summer is a season where your skin can require a lot of maintenance, but it is worth the extra work to keep your skin healthy, hydrated, and beautiful. 

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Happy Summer! 


  1. Great post! Summer is such a crazy time here in South Florida when it comes to our skin & overall health with this crazy heat!

    1. I totally agree! I am lucky to live in Oregon where the heat isn't so crazy all the time. This Summer, though, Portland is taking a beating with drought weather.


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