No Makeup Diet: Week Recap

Last Monday, I started the "No Makep" diet with high hopes of improving my skin. While it has only been a week, and while improvement happens over time, I have to say that I was not impressed. It was wonderful to not have to take the time to put on makeup, but at the same time, I had an ugly, flawed face the whole time. My hormones really did a number to my skin, and I was self-conscious about that. In the five days that I documented the diet, I really didn't see a difference in my skin. These past couple of days that I did not take a photo of my bare face, these are the days that I actually saw improvement. Below are the daily photos that I took to document my bare face. Monday through Friday. 
Eliminating makeup this week was overall great for my skin. My skin still has some healing to go through, but I am gaining more confidence going around bare face. I feel that I am beautiful in bare face, and that I can be pretty without makeup. I have decided that one week a month, I am going to go bare face. It may turn into sprinkled days throughout the month, but there will be one full week dedicated to no makeup. I have taken pride in this challenge, and those that I told about this challenge, they seemed to be impressed. My mom said that she could never go a week without makeup, but I would love to see her take this challenge! I am now starting to feel the twinges of wanting to apply makeup. I did miss experimenting with shadows and eye liner, but I can catch up on my makeup this next week. 
I have been making a lot of changes this week, and I am excited to share them with you. I am eliminating products with harsh ingredients out of my life, and substituting them with safer products. I am eager to share this project with my readers, so hopefully I can inspire you all to make the big switch.

The "No Makeup" diet was not hard at all, and I ended up seeing improvements after the fifth day. It was so nice to come home from work all week and not have to worry about if I had an oily or a shiny face while working. It was lovely to not have to remove makeup before cleansing my face, I could just cleanse my face. In the end, the "No Makeup" diet was a wonderful regiment to practice, and I will definitely do it again. 

If you were inspired by the "No Makeup" diet, I would love it if you shared my journey. I have share buttons below that make it easy. I would love your comments too!