Morning Beauty Routine

Creating routine is something that humans like to do; it helps keep our days organized, and we can be in control of our schedule. Beauty routines can be used to kickstart our day. I like to begin my day with a beauty routine, and I wanted to share my beauty routine that I follow first thing in the morning. 
I like to switch between different cleansers each morning, but the two that I like to use the most are the Bare Face Cleansing Oil from Julep Beauty, and Dark Angels from Lush. I like to begin my day with the cleansing oil, because I feel that it keeps away the shine. My skin looks and feels so hydrated when I use the cleansing oil. I feel it cleanses out the impurities, and gives my skin a pretty glow. Sometimes, I use Dark Angels after the cleansing oil. Dark Angels is kind of a rigorous, but soothing facial scrub; made with activated charcoal, black sugar, and rhassoul mud to cleanse and brighten the skin. I love pairing these two cleansers together because they work towards the same goals, hydrating, cleansing, absorbing excess oil, and brightening skin. Those are things that we all need in the morning sometimes. 

After I cleanse my skin, I wipe my face with witchhazel on cotton ball, and then I moisturize my skin with Badger Damascus Rose Face Oil. The scent of the face oil is calming, and perfect for beginning my day. It is a little "calm before the storm" as I like to call it. Once I am done applying the Damascus Rose Face Oil to my skin, I spritz Beautycounter's Rose Water Uplifting Spray to my skin. I use Beautycounter's Rose Water uplifting spray as my "makeup." I still love makeup, but taking a little break from it has been refreshing. My morning skincare routine is simple, and I feel that my skin is responding well to this routine. 
My favorite products of my morning skincare routine are the Badger Damascus Rose face oil, and the Dark Angels from Lush. I love how both products are from trusted companies who provide all-natural, and organic skincare. Lush Handmade Cosmetics, and Badger Balm use simple, organic ingredients in their products. Their products are given a score from 1 and 2 on the EWG's Skin Deep app. That is something that I feel good about! When I use safe products, I don't worry about what might be happening, chemically within my body. 

What is your morning routine? I love connecting with my readers, so please feel free to comment. Have a fantastic Monday!