Hopefully soon after finals are over, I can focus on recreational things such as blogging, and brainstorming, and of course moving info! I am almost done with my first year of college, and it has flown by. These past few days, I have been collecting fun pictures and I wanted to share them. I have been pinning succulents for years, and I have been wanting a little succulent for so long. I had an excuse to buy a few succulents and cacti. For my last ceramic presentation, I thought that I would go all out by actually planting succulents in my pots that I made. I went to New Seasons because they have great prices on their plants. 
That same day, Friday was National Doughnut Day, and while I was at New Seasons, I bought the last two chocolate doughnuts they had, and then I went to Krispy Kreme, and I received a free doughnut, but I also bought one. Doughnut day is one of my favorite nonsensical holidays. I celebrated it last year, and I forgot all about it. I was reminded by the Instagram community, and Krispy Kreme emails that Friday was National Doughnut Day. 
It is about time that I learn how to properly flat lay for photos. If you don't know what a flat lay is, it is just a photo of objects taken from an arial view. The objects are organized in a specific fashion, and it can show off a whole day in one photo, an outfit, a makeup routine, anything. You can organize a flat lay to your liking. Yesterday, I was practicing flat lays, and it was a success! I needed some more practice since I take product pictures, and I photograph objects often. Flat lays are a way of dressing up the product for a photo. I took a photo of my outfit and the little extra things I use in the mornings to help me get ready. 
I am really proud of my flat lay. I am going to keep working on them. Soon, I will do a tutorial on how to easily photograph flat lays. They aren't as easy as you think. I had to rearrange my flat lay many times for it to look presentable. 
Yesterday, I dropped my sister off at Trout Creek Bible Camp. She works there during the Summer, last year she worked in the kitchen, and this year she is a counselor in training. It is so exciting to see her have so much fun each Summer working at camp. On the drive up to the camp, I spotted an adorable drive-up coffee shop. It is called Liz's Coffee Cabin. I had to stop by and grab some coffee from this adorable shop. When I stopped by, a girl I know from high school was working there! It was fun to catch up. The coffee was perfection! I love when coffee shops offer blended drinks, and while they aren't as froufrou as Starbucks, they are simple, and you taste more coffee than sugar, and I like that. I bought a blended mocha, and it was fantastic! I can't remember the kind of coffee they have there, I will have to research it. She even put a chocolate covered coffee bean on my cup. I love that about independent coffee shops. I will definitely have to go back there. 
The past few weeks have been bombarded by projects, so it has made it harder to post. I love keeping up with my blog, and I love providing my readers with some new content as often as I can. But with being a college student, my readers will just have to understand. I don't have readers that are chomping at the bit for new content, but I sure am. I am ready to take a little break from the stresses of classes. But I will be taking on a whole new set of stresses soon. Eep! Stay tuned for more posts this week. I have a very low key finals week, and some fun events planned!