DIY Coconut Milk Shampoo & Hair Rinse

Now that I am making headway into living a life with safer products, I thought that I would go a little further and make my own shampoo. I've been wanting to pursue making my own shampoo for years, and this safe beauty regime makeover seemed like the perfect time to actually make the shampoo. I gathered a few, simple ingredients, and quickly mixed up a sudsy batch. 
Here is what you need to make the shampoo: 
-1/2 cup of coconut milk
-2/3 cup of Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile soap
-1 tablespoon of melted coconut oil
-2 to 3 drops of lemon essential oil
-1/2 cup to 3/4 cup brewed dandelion root tea

In a glass jar, mix together all the ingredients. If you use canned coconut milk, and it is solid when you open it, use a whisk to break down the solid coconut milk. Like coconut oil, coconut milk solidifies when stored in a colder temperature. If the coconut milk is not solid, still use a whisk to mix together the ingredients. You can store the jar of shampoo in your shower, or somewhere where the ingredients in the shampoo won't solidify. 
I first tried it with a little bit of coconut oil in place of conditioner, and the ends of my hair dried a littlle more oily than I'd like it to be. The top of my head was beautiful, shiny, clean, and it stayed that way for three days. I washed my hair with my homemade shampoo again last night, and this morning it dried it a little oily on the ends, and I figured it would absorb after I brushed through my hair. Something went awry, because it felt different than just being oily. I assumed that I didn't rinse out my hair well enough last night, so I washed my hair again, and made sure to rinse it really well. I didn't use a conditioner, or coconut oil, but I decided to try something else in place of conditioner.

I mixed together one part apple cider vinegar, and one part water in order to make this hair rinse. My hair turned out much better the second time around using the hair rinse. It didn't feel stringy, it felt a little frizzy, but that can be easily fixed. 
I love knowing that I am washing my hair with organic, and all natural ingredients. Safe products make me excited, and it is refreshing to use something that I made myself. 
I really like how the shampoo works. Even on a warm day like today, which creates a little frizz, I still like my hair. It makes for easy styling, and it brightens my hair. It shines it up, and it feels clean. While my hair may be slightly oily after using the shampoo, it does absorb, and my hair is hydrated. Obviously, this homemade shampoo does not work exactly like store bought shampoo. It will work differently, but a good different. 
I do not miss the products that I was using before. These new, safer, or homemade products that I am now using make me feel better about what I am putting on my body. The products that I was using before, I thought they were important to me, and I thought I was "benefitting" from them. I am much better off with these safer products that don't show hazardous risk, and that actually benefit my skin, hair, and overall wellbeing. 

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  5. WOW! You have a LOT of hair oils! Definitely enough to last you a long time! I've only tried the AVON one out of these but I do enjoy using hair oils.harriet

  6. There are many advantages to expending coconut water, coconut drain and coconut oil. These three nourishments got from the coconut all have particular advantages that can help you to enhance your wellbeing and get in shape.

  7. Turns out coconut milk doesn't simply make a mean curry, aloe vera doesn't simply treat smolders, and Dr. Bronner's cleanser doesn't quite recently notice great. These three fixings, when consolidated, have effectsly affected my hair's thickness, shading and general wellbeing.


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