DIY Air Plant Terrarium Kit from Sesame Gifts

For a beautiful, belated birthday gift, my amazing Aunt and Uncle gifted me with this pretty box that was delivered to my door. If anyone knows me, you know that I am a sucker for packages. I was incredibly curious about what these beautiful, generous, and thoughtful people had given me.
It turns out that they had chosen something that fits my personality and interests ENTIRELY. It was a DIY air plant terrarium kit. This is such a beautiful gift, and it combines my love for DIY and my love for plants together. I opened the box last night, but I decided to put it together today, and show you where I put it after I was done putting it together.
It took probably one minute to put it together, and to show you how to build your own terrarium, maybe outside of Sesame gifts, I made this little video compilation. It is really, super easy! If you are inspired to make a terrarium yourself, the supplies are not that hard to find. If you go to your local craft store, you can pick up a glass piece, and colored stones to accent your terrarium. If you go to your local nursery, they are bound to have air plants there to purchase for cheap. Lastly, grab up a small spray bottle from the dollar store, or travel accessories aisle of the beauty section at your local grocery store. The spray bottle is to spritz the air plant in order to keep it hydrated and keep it clean. This gift my Aunt and Uncle has inspired me to make more terrariums, because it is THAT easy.
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I put my terrarium on my dresser with my little collection of plants. Actually, my little collection is turning out to be a big collection. For a very long time, I wanted plants everywhere, and now my dresser top is slowly being filled with little plants. I love it. 
Thank you again, Aunt Aimee and Uncle Randy! This is the perfect gift, and I can't wait to style my plants with my new, little air plant terrarium. It is really cute, and totally matches my personality and interests. I love these simple terrariums, and it has laid the ground work for me to make more complicated terrariums. This gift has also turned my attention to Sesame Gifts. I had never heard of them before yesterday, so I am definitely going to check them out more after this little venture. 

If you would like to explore Sesame Gifts, visit their website here. You can also gather terrarium inspiration from my green board on Pinterest. I pin a lot of plant related pins, so there should be enough to get your gears turning. 

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  1. Cool, I love air plants too and I like your cutie terrarium... :)


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