Badger Balm Brand Love

I found out about Badger Balm during a trip to New Seasons when I saw a tin of Badger's Sleepy Time balm. I thought the logo, and the little badger character were cute, so I immediately looked up Badger Balm's website, and I saw a fleet of amazing products, and I wanted to try them all. Since then, I have purchased Badger Balm Argan Hair Oil, their Damascus Rose Face Oil, Sore Muscle Balm, Sleepy Time balm, Stress Soother, and Highland Mint chapstick. I recently bought their Yoga & Meditation balm, their Ginger & Lemon chapstick, Moroccan Mint Face Soap, and my second bottle of Damascus Rose Face Oil. I feel better about my beauty products when I know they were made with love, care, and all natural ingredients and essential oils. 
I must talk about their beautiful packaging, and the cute Badger character on their products. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful, they look like pictures out of a storybook. The illustrations were one of the major components that influenced me to purchase their products. That, and the fact that they are all natural, and organic. 
Badger Balm is a major part of my skincare regime. When I take a break from using my Badger Balm Damascus Rose Face Oil, I see that my face suffers, but when I go back to using it, my skin looks better! So, I am using the Badger Damascus Rose face oil as my permanent facial moisturizer. I just started using their Moroccan Mint Face Soap, and I love the refreshing mint scent it gives off. I feel that it really cleanses my skin, and draws out the impurities. 
It is refreshing when you look at the ingredients on Badger Balm products, because they are all recognizable, and they say the scientific name of the ingredients, then they say the simple terms for what the ingredients are. There are no harsh ingredients in Badger Balm products. The only thing that raised an eyebrow for me, was the fact that their soap is made with lye. So, I did some research, and it turns out that lye is just a part of the soap making process. With the process of saponification, the lye is completely gone and out of the soap by the end of the process. You can learn more about Badger Balm's soap making process here. 
I will always be a dedicated and loyal Badger Balm customer. I am in love with their products. When I am anxious, or I want to get a good night's sleep, I use their Yoga and Meditation balm on my wrists, under my nose, and I brush it on my pillow so I can smell it while falling asleep. They help cover every aspect of my beauty regime, and they do it naturally, and organically. What's not to like about this wonderful company? 
Everytime that I mention Badger Balm through social media, they always respond, and they are always so nice. I love a friendly, personable company that all-around cares about their customers, and the product that they put out. Honestly, every time that I go to a health foods store, I go directly to the health and wellness section, and I look for Badger products. This Summer, I am going to purchase a tube of Badger Balm sunscreen, because I have heard amazing things about their sunscreen, and I must try it for myself. 

If you would like to learn more about Badger Balm, visit their website here. Help me spread the word about Badger Balm by sharing this post. I have share buttons below to make it easy. I am sure they would love it if you helped them spread the word about their awesome company. If you are interested in purchasing products from Badger Balm, visit your local health foods store, and seek out their products in the health and wellness section. Or, you can visit them on their website, and purchase some wonderful products.