First Aid Calendula Homeopathic Medicine from Boiron

Since 1932, Boiron has been the world leader in homeopathic medicines. Boiron is an amazing company that provides natural, homeopathic medicine to it's consumers. I recently did a review on Boiron's Homeoplasmine ointment. I was given the chance to review and try Boiron's Calendula Ointment, and Calendula Cream. These two homeopathic medicines helps to heal cuts, scrapes, irritations, minor burns, sunburns, chafing, blistered, and chapped skin. 
These two Calendula homeopathic medicines are now the stars of my first aid kit, and I love the fact that they are naturally formulated, and are paraben free. I don't like the idea of putting harsh ingredients, or unatural ingredients on my open or broken skin. I feel better putting Boiron's Calendula ointment and cream on my skin, literally and figuratively; with Calendula ointment and cream, you will feel better faster, and feel better using natural products on your skin. 
I had a cut on my ankle that I have been putting Calendula cream on for a week, and it is already almost healed. It is now in it's late healing process, and I am so pleased with how gentle the Calendula Ointment and Cream are. Some ointments out there burn, or sting when applied to broken skin, but not Calendula ointment and cream. 
I keep bringing this up be ause it recurring, and keeps showing up. Only Boiron's products do the trick! At work, there are these vinyl gloves, and this harsh hand soap that I use to cleanse my hands. I basically wash my hands every time that I enter the kitchen, so my hands become raw and the harsh soap strips my skin. I also believe that I am allergic to the vinyl gloves because I feel them ifritate my skin while I wear them. My wrists and hands become severely chapped and irritated. I have tried so many products on my hands, and nothing worked until I tried Boiron Homeoplasmine, Calendula ointment, and Calendula cream. The ointment seems to work the best on my hands, because the irritation goes away the next day! On Monday, my hands were so red from all the hand washing, and wearing the gloves at work. It was so painful, and since my hands were so dry, my skin was about to break. I put both the Calendula cream, and Calendula ointment on my hands, and yesterday (Tuesday), they were completely back to normal! 
This was my hand Monday night. My right hand was much worse. 
This is my hand this morning (Wednesday).
Do you see any irritant on my hand? No, you don't because my irritation no longer exists thanks to Boiron's awesome Calendula ointment and cream. 
If you are looking to make your first aid kit natural, and safe, look to Boiron for it's safe, and natural medicinals. Not only are these homeopathic medicines safe and natural, but they are also extremely effective!

To grab up these wonderful medicines from Boiron, visit their site here, and browse their inventory for all of their awesome, homeopathic medicines. 

This post contains sponsored content, sponsored by Boiron USA. All opinions and photos in this post are my own.