VIIcode O2M Oxygen Mask Eye Mask for All Night

A while back, I talked about VIIcode Skincare and how awesome it is; well, I am revisiting this subject with VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask for all night. This brand is so amazing, and has such an in depth history, it's incredible. I wrote a detailed summary of VIIcode's history in my previous post, and you can read it here. It is so interesting to read the histories of my favorite beauty companies, and see how it all began. While their history is very cool, their present is even cooler! Offering amazing skincare for the eyes that actually work! 
Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days that I look so tired because I am tired. I get up extremely early on Tuesdays and Thursdays for my 7:00 am class. I like to disguise my sleepiness with these VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Masks. They help lighten dark under eyes, and they are so refreshing. I put on my eye masks cold, and it helped wake me up a bit. 
The first time I tried VIIcode Skincare, I used it on my eyes over the night, and in the morning, the masks wouldn't be on my face. They would be placed off to the side, and in the morning I wouldn't remember how they got there. I don't really like things on my face or on my head when I sleep, so I guess I subconsciously took them off. The masks always ended up off my face in the morning, so I started using them in the mornings, after classes, and after work, and I wear them up until I am ready for bed. They stay on a little better that way. :) 
After I removed the O2M Oxygen Eye masks, my under eyes felt so good. It felt so refreshing, and renewing. I have had a tiring day, and after doing my VIIcode, I looked like my normal, awake self. The O2M Oxygen Eye mask is soaked in special botanicals and deep sea extracts to reduce puffiness under the eyes. The botanicals activate the cell's memory, which helps the cells absorb the needed oxygen again. It is amazing what simple, natural technology can do for your skin. 
VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask is rated very highly by customers, and it is rated very highly by me. To check out more awesome products, or to purchase VIIcode products, visit here and here
I hope you at least give their website a look, because they have so much information on there, and their history is seriously such a great story. 
Well, after a tiring day, and a sore throat, I am going to end today on a good note. I recommend the VIIcode all night mask highly, and I hope you try it out too. 

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