Pacific City & Tillamook: Day 3

Today was our last day on the Oregon Coast. I wish we could have spent another week at the coast, more specifically, Pacific City. It was the perfect weekend, and while there were the rainy portions, there were the beautiful, sunny portions that made it absolutely perfect. Today was a little rainy, but nothing a typical Oregon family can't handle. 
We started our day earlier than yesterday. We had to, because checkout was around 11:00. We had muffins and juice for a quick breakfast, and gobbled down breakfast while we were cleaning up, and packing up. before we left Pacific City, I wanted to go visit the beach one more time. I haven't seen a prettier beach. Pacific City has simplicity, and attraction. The beach is quite simple, but that rock out in the ocean fascinates me, and it now holds a place that near and dear to my heart. 
We were then on our way to Tillamook, Oregon so that we could visit the cheese factory. It was buzzing with busy! There were so many people there. We didn't spend a lot of time there, but the time that we did spend there, we had the chance to see the cheese being packaged in the factory part, sampled cheese, looked around in the cheese shop, and bought ice cream. While the line was long, it moved rather fast and I was able to get my chocolate peanut butter, and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. 
Of course, after the Tillamook Cheese Factory, we drove up the street to the Blue Heron French Cheese Company. I am in love with this place. They have farm animals out front, and they serve coffee, and they have a deli. They let you sample their jellies, sauces, BBQ sauces, dips, dressings, and of course cheeses. 
These turkeys were uncaged, and just walking about the lawn behind the Blue Heron. They are funny, little creatures. 
These funny guys were really friendly. They think you have food for them, because you can purchase food inside the Blue Heron for them, so when you come up to the fence, they come up to the fence in wishes that you have food for them. 
This one made me laugh. He is totally smiling :) 
They even had an emu there, he had such big feet. The way he walked was pretty hysterical.
We went inside and sampled some delicious dips. I think I will purchase some on their website. They are inexpensive, and oh so good. I had to get some coffee from the Blue Heron. I was wanting some hot coffee for the somewhat chilly, sort of rainy day that we had today. The cup they gave me is so cute. After the Blue Heron, we headed home. We drove through the Tillamook Forest and it was a lovely drive.  
When we arrived in Beaverton, there was a crash that backed up the freeway, so my Siri gal on my maps lead us through Forest Park back to Portland. I need to come back to Forest Park and go hiking. There are so many pretty forests in Portland, and I need to go visit them. I snapped this while we were zooming down the road. The trees were so unique. 
It was such a fun trip! When I take trips like this, it reminds me of why Oregon is such a beautiful playland for the Pacific Northwest. Even though I am moving soon, Oregon will always be in my heart. You can take the girl out of Oregon, but you can't take the Oregon out of the Oregon girl. I have so much more of Oregon to explore. Sometime in my life, I want to do a road trip through Oregon, and visit all of the beautiful places. I want to take a month and do a road trip through my home state. I am excited to explore :) while the trip was amazing, and beautiful, it is nice to be home and getting back in our normal routine. I hope you enjoyed reading about our weekend trip on the Oregon Coast. 


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