Pacific City: First Impressions

I have never been to Pacific City before. It is a quaint, small town with a lot of pretty houses that face the ocean. There isn't a large grocery store here, but there are many, little coffee shops and eateries. The ocean is light blue, and there is a huge boulder out in the middle of the ocean. It is friendship and community in this tiny beach town, and I find that beautiful. We tripped here to Pacific City for the weekend to celebrate my sister's birthday. She found a cute rental house for us, and while it is a smaller space, it is clean, comfortable, and it feels right to be here.
Before we left this morning, I went and got my hair cut. I needed some cut off because it was much too long. It feels so light, and I don't feel weighed down by my hair. I love it! I cut off about 5 to 6 inches. It is crazy how much better it feels after a hair cut. 
The trip was a long drive, I was really happy to not get car sick until the end. It rained practically the whole drive. When we entered Tillamook County, we started seeing cows everywhere because Tillamook is a dairy town. 
When we arrived at the little rental house, I immediately started making coffee. I was craving coffee the whole trip, and it was so satisfying to drink hot coffee after a long car ride.
We needed to find a supermarket to grab some basics for tonight's meal, and we were having a hard time finding a decent supermarket. We drove through the town, and found the beach entrance. My breath was taken away by the beautiful sight. It was incredible how this simple, beautiful beach town could present that. I guess that is the glue of this little town, the ocean. 
We ended up finding a Thriftway, and we bought the peppers and a few other things for dinner. My awesome parents made chicken pesto for dinner, and it was so good. But before my parents actually started making dinner, I wanted to grab ice cream from the little market that was across the way from the beach. I have been on an ice cream craze lately, and I would not stop talking about ice cream until I got ice cream. So, my mom and I went back to the little market across the way from the beach, and I got salted butterscotch Tillamook ice cream. It was absolutely perfect. 
I saw the crabs in the seafood section of the market, and I couldn't help myself, so I had to take this silly photo of myself with the crab. It's a selfie... I hate the selfie stereotype, but here I am, taking a selfie with seafood. 
When we arrived home, my parents started making the amazing chicken pesto. The perfect end to a busy day. Chicken pesto, tea, and relaxing.
So, my first impressions of this town are satisfactory. It is a gorgeous, beach-side town, and I am in love with the things it has to offer. I will be posting more from our trip on Instagram, and I will post more about our trip on here too. Now, I am going to let Matt McAndrew on Spotify sing me to sleep. It's been a long day, and I should rest up for tomorrow's equally busy day :)