Pacific City: Day 2

Usually, the Oregon Coast beach towns are rainy, or gloomy, and rarely sunny. But today, it was a beautiful day on the coast. There were people at Lincoln City wearing their bathing suits on the beach! It was crazy warm for the Oregon coast, but I am so thankful that we were able to be here for this. 
This morning, my dad made us pancakes and waffles, and we made our own smoothies. We ate kind of a late breakfast, but it pushed the day forward.
We traveled into Lincoln City for the day, and I had the chance to drive around the beach town by myself. It gave me the opportunity to look for fun places, such as Mojo Coffee and try some amazing blended fusion vanilla coffee (frappuccino). I have heard of Mojo Coffee before. I believe I found it on Pinterest or Twitter, and when I saw it person, it was like I met a celebrity. 
After driving around for a bit, I drove to the outlet malls to meet up with my mom. We shopped at American Eagle and left. It was much too beautiful outside to be shopping in the outlet malls. I ended up buying a pair of "boy" jeans, and I am very excited about styling them. After the outlet malls, my mom wanted to walk down to the beach of Lincoln City and take a few pictures. I saw this cairn that was built by this little sand village, and it was so pretty. I built a cairn a couple years back, but it inspired me to make a new cairn. 
These little guys were all over the beach. They are called Sail Jelly Fish. I actually saw their little fin move about a bit. They are such a pretty color. 
This is the mini cairn I built. When I see cairns, I am reminded by the peace, and to slow down a bit to enjoy the little things. 
My dad took this photo as I was driving back to Pacific City from Lincoln City. The road we were driving on was lined with these pretty alder trees. My dad captured a great photo from inside a moving car. 
For a really, really late lunch, almost dinner, my mom made us caprese sandwiches to tide us over until we went to the beach for hot dogs and marshmallows. The sandwiches were so good, especially toasted and with avocado slices. 
After lunch/dinner, I fell ill. We were all getting ready to go out to the beach for our real dinner, and I was experiencing some bad stomach issues. It was not fun, and I almost didn't go tonight. I am glad I quickly got over it, because the beach was so much fun! My dad went there earlier to grab us a spot, and get the fire going. He found three giant logs for the fire, and stacked them up so we could start the fire as soon as we got there. It wasn't very cold, which made being on the beach extremely tolerable. It was so beautiful to see the moon reflect on the waves, we tried to get pictures of the moon reflecting on the waves, but we were unable to. It was too little of light to capture. We put our fire to good use by roasting hot dogs and marshmallows for dinner, and using it as a gathering space to talk, and have a good time. 
It was a busy day, but it was so much fun.  I am really glad that the fire at the beach worked out. We were worried about the wood situation, because we don't bring our own wood, part of the fun is going to look for the big pieces of wood. I am really glad that the fire was perfect. Tomorrow, we are going to Tillamook, and we are visiting the cheese factories. It should be great! It is has been a wonderful trip, and I hope that my sister and her friends are having a good time. They seem to be having a blast. :) 


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