Nourishing Skin & Hair Oils

I am a little oil crazed lately. I have been using essential oils for a while, but I am also exploring oil serums for my hair and skin. I have been interested in oils for years, and a while back, my cousin made a joke about how probably everything I own is oily. Of course, that comment was exaggerated, but she was pretty much on the bat. I am oily crazy even more than I was back then. I am incorporating oil serums into different aspects of my beauty regime. Recently, I switched over from using a cream facial moisturizer to a straight up oil moisturizer for my face, and instead of using crazy product in my hair, I use hair oil to give it some texture and shine. 
People are sometimes afraid to use oil because they think it will clog their pores, or be really messy. Oils like coconut, argan, avocado, and even olive oil typically don't clog up the pores of your skin. The reason why I switched over to an oil moisturizer is because I had been using the cream moisturizer for years and years, it was time to change up my skincare routine. My straight up oil moisturizers are lighter, and I have noticed a big change in my skin. Have you ever heard of the phrase, "fight oil with oil"? That phrase means that if you have oily skin, it is because your skin is truly dry and your skin is overcompensating for the moisture that it doesn't have. If you apply oil or an oil based moisturizer, your skin will absorb the oil and it won't have to overcompensate. After a couple weeks of using my oil serums as a moisturizer, my face has not been so oily in the evenings. It really does work! 
I bought my Badger oils last year, and I am so sad that they are almost gone. I love using my Badger Argan Hair Oil for a quick fix to my hair if it looks a little frizzy, or unruly. It is also a great leave-in conditioner that I like to use in my hair styles. It helps texture my hair so it is easier to style. 
My favorite oil serum is the Badger Damascus Rose Facial Oil. This little bottle is mighty when it comes to attacking various facial issues. It is, in my opinion, one of the beat facial serums to attack blemish problems. Everytime I use it, my problems go away. This oil is so nourishing, and it is so pleasant to use. I love using this oil, especially under my primer when I apply my makeup. It makes my face look so amazing. 
My Physicians Formula Argan Wear is basically an all-purpose moisturizer. It can be a leave-in conditioner for my hair, a facial moisturizer that isn't too greasy, and dry skin moisturizer for my hands that have mostly healed. This is an awesome oil serum. I even featured it in my March Beauty Favorites post, it is that awesome! 
For about a month and a half, I have been using these oils daily as a part of my regular skincare routine. I am loving what they are doing for my skin and hair. They are so nourishing, and I feel beautiful again. My cream moisturizers were actually drying out my skin because my skin wasn't receiving the proper moisture it needed. With the oil as my moisturizer, I haven't been experiencing oily skin lately, and I love it! 

Do you have an oil serum that you favorite? 

Don't forget to share! Someone you know may want to know how to fight oil with oil. 


  1. Looks fab, I'm all for using oils but then there's tbe question of spf. A girl can't win! :)

    1. That is very true! Usually, my powder foundation or BB creams have SPF in it to take care of that. But if you wear the facial oil and no makeup, that does create a problem. Another reason why I switched from a cream moisturizer to oil is because with a creans moisturizer, it would be somewhat of a double layer of heaviness on the face. Oil helps lighten that heaviness that is put on the face.

      Thank you for the comment!

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