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I am always looking for a great lip balm that doesn't take the moisture away from my lips. There are a lot of chapsticks out there that you have to keep reapplying to your lips to even benefit, and in the end you don't really benefit because it keeps drying your lips out. Not Messy Little Smiles though! Messy Little Smiles lip balms are made with pure, organic ingredients that provide long lasting moisture. 
I found Messy Little Smiles Organics through Instagram, and made a purchase right away. I fell in love with the family who owns Messy Little Smiles Organics, and I love supporting small businesses. The woman who runs Messy Little Smiles, Sarah is such an awesome, lovely person. When I bought my first Messy Little Smiles Organics lip balm, and I shared it on Instagram, she started following me, and she read my blog. I was so excited that she visited my blog! I couldn't wait to share her lip balm on my blog. I bought my second Messy Little Smiles Organics lip balm a couple of weeks ago when I saw the Lemongrass-Mint scent on Instagram. I had to have it! 
Messy Little Smiles Organics lip balm is not only safe, but it actually smoothes your lips, and it keeps your lips hydrated for long periods of time. I love putting it under colorful lippies so that I have long lasting lip color, and my lips won't feather with Messy Little Smiles on my lips. 
My family even loves Messy Little Smiles! I don't know who wouldn't love it! It is such a great product. When I buy products, I love it when the ingredients list is simple, and everything is easily pronounceable. The ingredients in Messy Little Smiles Organics lip balm includes: organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic honey, organic shea butter, and essential oil flavoring depending on the flavor of lip balm you purchase. My favorite one is the Lemongrass-Mint. It is so fresh, and it is lovely. 
I urge you to go buy Messy Little Smiles Organics right now, and throw out your other chapsticks. You are going to be so happy that you did. Try it out, and comment below how you like it. I really hope you do! 
I don't buy any other chapstick but Messy Little Smiles Organics, there are no chapsticks that compare. 

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  1. Woooww your hair is gorgeous! And the lip balm looks amazing! :) xx

    1. Thanks, sweet friend! I was so excited to get the braid this big!

      -Courtney xoxo


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