How To Use Bronzer for Contour Makeup

Contouring has never been a part of my daily makeup routine thanks to my amazing cheekbones and my awesome blush. But as a girl who is fascinated by the way makeup can make you look thinner, older or younger, contouring is what changes the face. So, I started playing around with contouring, and looking over contour charts on Pinterest, and I learned how to properly contour! It is so much fun, and I can't get over the faux shadows, and deepened bone lines that contouring gives my face. I don't  have any specific contouring makeup, but I have HOOLA bronzer from benefit. HOOLA bronzer works as a perfect contouring powder that can be easily blended with other facial makeup. Let me show you my own contour chart using HOOLA bronzer from benefit.
I don't really use bronzer all that often. I mostly use bronzer at the beginning of Summer to help supplament my tan, but using it year round as a contour tool works fantastically! 
I exaggerated my contour lines to show you where to apply the bronzer or your contouring makeup, and then I used a beauty blender to blend my contour lines in. 
I won HOOLA from benefit when I won a contest to be a host for a Beauty Bash party. If I was not given HOOLA, I don't think that I would ever buy HOOLA on my own. Now I know that it is more than just bronzer, it is such a great contour tool, and I love using it with benefit's Daisy blush. 
Have you tried HOOLA? What is your favorite contour tool, and how do you contour? Remember to share this post with your fellow makeup lovers out there.


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