Homeoplasmine Beauty Review

I never even thought to branch out to different countries for beauty products, but I did when a French pharmacy Instagram account followed me. I scrolled through their feed, and I saw this interesting, little, pink tube of goodness. I was instantly curious about what this little tube could do, so I looked it up and it turns to be an all-purpose beauty ointment. This made me want to try it even more, so I ordered a tube from French Pharmacy Shop. 
Homeoplasmine is formulated with vaselinum album, calendula officinalis, phytolacca officinalis, bryonia, benzoin, and boric acid. These homeopathic ingredients tend to many skin ailments such as cuts, scrapes, cracked skin, dry skin, chapped lips, chapped skin... the list goes on. I use it on my chapped hands. At work, I wash my hands constantly, and I wear gloves that irritate my skin, so when I come home I slather Homeoplasmine on my hands. It helps a lot, my hands aren't dry and my skin isn't breaking open like it used to thanks to Homeoplasmine. 
I also use it on my lips. This is great to use under a matte lipstick, or any lip color at all. It totally moisturizes, and it lays the ground work for the fun lippies. 
I love this little pink tube of goodness. It is also a great eye shadow primer. I tried it in my makeup routine this morning, and it works very well. This is a great product, and I am going to start branching out, and look into international beauty products. 
Be sure to check out French Pharmacy's shop here, and shop!