Hair Inspiration

It is my weekly hair inspiration post, and I am excited to announce that I finally pursued making my hair tutorial video. It is a little rough, but I edited out the rough edges. I am actually pretty excited about it, and with much practice, my youtubing skills will improve. The hair style of this week is a little 'do inspired by the lovely Missy Sue. I had a few hair styles picked out, so I kind of blended them all together and made my own.
I am really into fishtail braiding lately, and I wanted to incorporate a fishtail braid into my first youtube hair tutorial. I ended up incorporating two! 
The video will tell you all about how to do the braids, and while you watch the video, you can tell that I am nervous, not feeling well, and tired. I probably should have postponed the video {again}, but I didn't want to postpone it another week. I needed to get my first tutorial out there to break the ice, and I think I did well considering all that was a part of today, and that this is my first video. 
I hope you enjoy it, and subscribe to my page. I am going to try and do weekly vlog posts in partnership with my blog posts, so stay tuned.