Hair Inspiration

I was feeling very inspired today by this one hairstyle that I found on Pinterest. I have been attempting it for a while, but it never looks great. Today, I quickly did it in my hair, and it actually turned out great! I am so excited to show you how it turned out. All I did was a Dutch braid on the right side, and I braided all the way down, and pulled the loops of the braid to make it bigger. I pulled it up into a ponytail, and I am so excited with how it turned out. Of course, it isn't perfect, but I am pleased with how it turned out. 
I was actually planning on doing a video hair tutorial today, but I felt so unprepared. I definitely need to study more on video making, and brush up on my video editing. It is a crazy, new thing to do for my blog, but I am excited to venture into it. 
If you have any tips of vlogging, please leave it in the comments. I welcome any tips and tricks that you have to share. If you like my hair, please share :) (No, I am not doing my posts in a rhyme scheme from now on, it just happened that way.) :)