Easter Egg Decorating DIY

Since Easter is on Sunday, I thought that I would keep up the tradition of decorating Easter eggs. I was looking into some different ways to decorate easter eggs other than dying them in a colored vinegar solution. I found a really neat way to decorate the eggs, and I am so excited to show you! 
Decorating Easter eggs is such a fun activity, and it is so fun that you want to get started on it right away. After hard boiling the eggs, I hate waiting for them to cool, but they color better if they are cold. This first method of decorating Easter eggs requires little to no waiting for eggs to cool. In fact, the hotter the better! All you need is a pack of fun colored crayons, and some hot eggs. Just start scribbling on the eggs, and the wax melts. It is so easy to scribble and have fun with the crayons on the eggs. 
This next method is pretty trendy recently. I have been seeing this everywhere, and I thought I might give it a try. It is so cute, and super easy! I made these Strawberry eggs (yes, by dying them in a colored vinegar solution) with food coloring, a crayon, and paper to add to the cute factor. I dyed the eggs in vinegar and food coloring, and then I let the eggs dry after they were dyed. I drew in the seeds with a black crayon, and I cut out the green paper to look like the stem. I am really excited about they turned out! 
I love doing seasonal crafts, and making these Easter eggs was incredibly fun. These are easy for last minute Easter egg decorating with the kiddos, or for yourself. Even as a young adult, it is so much fun to decorate Easter eggs. I think next year I will do a whole series of fruit for Easter eggs. 

What fun designs do you like to do on your eggs? 
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