Eco-Friendly Beauty Favorites for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, readers! 
Earth Day is one of my favorite days, and I am eager to share with you some amazing eco-friendly beauty products. Earth Day isn't the only day we should be conscious of what we do to our earth, everyday should be Earth Day! But, on this particular day, April 22nd, it is the day to remind people to help take care of our Eath as it takes care of us. To help take care of our Earth, I use these eco-friendly beauty products as a part of my beauty regime. I become beautiful earth consciously :) 
Neutrogena Naturals is such a great brand because their products promote clean water, and saving water. They also use recycled materials to create their packaging, and they are against animal cruelty. You can't have a properly functioning earth without animals :). I love using Neutrogena Naturals products as a part of my regular skincare routine. 

Boots Botanics All-Bright Cleansing Toner is made without parabens, and is made with hisbiscus extract, and created with plants from the Kew Royal Botanical Gardens. Boots posted this cute, little video on their Instagram about using their Botanicals collection to celebrate Earth Day, and it made me happy that I used my Botanicals All-Bright Cleansing Toner from Boots today. 
Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream is formulated with beautiful botanicals and minerals to illuminate your skin. This BB cream is 100% vegan, and Pacifica is 100% against animal cruelty. Pacifica also makes their packaging 100% recyclable, this means the box it comes it, the plastic tube, and the cap are all 100% recyclable. 

The All Natural Face That Black Gel Pot Eyeliner is non-toxic, vegan, and totally natural. They are against animal cruelty, and animal testing. The All Natural Face actually supports, volunteers, and rescues for an animal shelter local to their business. The All Natural Face is such a great company. They don't put any harsh or harmful ingredients in their makeup and beauty products. It is such a relief to know that I am not putting harmful ingredients on my face when I use The All Natural Face. 
The Honest Company's products are all natural, biodegradable, vegan, plant based, and so much more! I love using this awesome shampoo because it is sulfate free, and it helps keep hair hydrated with coconut oil. Product packaging is even recyclable! This is a great, eco-friendly choice to wash your hair with because you aren't washing crazy chemicals down the drain to effect the water system, and you aren't putting harsh ingredients on your body. 

Young Living Essential Oils is a great add-in to water or to your face wash/moisturizer. These lemon essential oils can help heal blemishes by naturally toning the skin, and cleaning the skin. Lemon is a natural brightener, antiseptic and antibacterial, so it can help rid unwanted bacteria on your skin, and it is 100% naturally derived, 100% pure, and just plain amazing. The essential oil bottles are glass, which can be recycled or reused and made into something else amazing. 
I love eco-friendly, all natural beauty products. I am choosy when it comes to makeup and beauty products. I try to get all-natural, no harsh chemical makeup that is eco-friendly. I love sharing my eco-friendly beauty crushes with you all. 
Remember to share this post to spread the word about eco-friendly skincare and beauty products with your friends. Let's {simply} care for our earth. 

What are your favorite eco-friendly beauty products? I would love your response!