Easter 2015

Easter is so much more than Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, and pretty, pastel dresses. Easter is about victory, and unconditional love. The candy, colors, and fun are just extra. 
Yesterday was Easter Sunday, and it was actually a pretty busy day for me. I also woke up to a nice Easter basket, and after a week without sweets, I am going crazy about all the chocolate. I do have self control, so I am not snacking on the candy like I normally would. My family went to church, and then I went to work. Church was really powerful, and it gave me something to think about. The pastor talked about victory, and how Jesus's death was full of unconditional love, and that when he rose, it was victory. He also talked about how some people have victorious days, and you can just see it on their faces that they have victory. Before I started on my positivity project, I would have counted myself as one of those people with multiple lost victories, but I am actually one of those people who has achieved little victories daily. Yesterday's service really spoke to me. Since I had to go to work, I had to miss my family's Easter dinner, but work wasn't too bad. Everyone was so nice, and my coworkers were all in a joking manner yesterday. It was a good time to be at work.
What were some of your Easter highlights?