Is there a line of products that is perfect for you? A line of products that make you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin? Well, BEAUTYCOUNTER makes me feel confident, and radiant. How I came to know BEAUTYCOUNTER is actually a funny story. I was scrolling through my Twitter, and I saw this picture of the Honest Company's deoderant, so I retweeted it. I have been looking for a safe deoderant besides my homemade one, and since I love the Honest Company, I was interested in checking out their deoderant. A few hours later, I received an e-mail from the lady that I retweeted the tweet from, and she asked me if I could review some of her products on my blog. She viewed my blog, and loved it, so she wanted her products to be showcased on my blog. I am seriously so excited to talk to you all about BEAUTYCOUNTER's Essentials line. It is now my favorite skincare regime, and I am definitely going to invest in BEAUTYCOUNTER to take care of my skin. 
BEAUTYCOUNTER's mission is to provide real answers to the consumers about the beauty products they purchase, and to put truth back into beauty. BEAUTYCOUNTER creates safe beauty products that you can trust will be free of harmful chemicals. If you look at the ingredients list of most makeup and other beauty products, you will see some crazy chemicals in that list. Those chemicals can be so harmful to our bodies. I have experienced these types of disruptions before due to the constant use of antibacterial soap. In antibacterial products, there is a chemical called triclosan. Triclosan can imbalance hormones and disrupt thyroid function. I used antibacterial soap at work all the time, and my skin went from glowy and smooth, to dull and drabby. My scalp was also dry and itchy, so I conducted a little experiment and switched to an organic soap. After using this soap for three weeks, all of my skin problems have gone away. My goodness, I trailed off quite a bit, but I made my point, that a lot of makeup, beauty, and personal care products have many harmful chemicals that BEAUTYCOUNTER will NEVER put in their products. In fact, BEAUTYCOUNTER has a Never List, a list of chemicals and ingredients that you should avoid, and that they will never put in their products.
It makes me feel better when I know that what I am putting on my face is totally and completely safe. I love that the products from BEAUTYCOUNTER will not harm my body, and that it won't disrupt any of my bodily systems. I am all about skincare, but I am especially all about harmless skincare. 
But, enough chemical talk, I want to tell you about BEAUTYCOUNTER's amazing Essentials line. Their Essentials line is perfect those young adults who aren't bathing themselves in blemish treatment cleansers anymore, and who are also not quite to the point where they have to start using anti-aging products. The age range we are talking about is the later teenage years, and early to mid twenties. This skincare line is absolutely amazing! My favorite part of the skincare line is that there are certain products in the line that are supposed to be used at a specific time in the day, such as the AM Hydrating Cream, and the PM Hydrating Cream. These two products are my favorite out of the Essentials line. 
I use the Routine Clean Cream Cleanser, then the AM Hydrating Cream, and the Any Time Eye Cream all in the morning. For the evening, after I remove my makeup, I use the Gentle Exfoliation Polishing Cream, and the PM Hydrating Cream after I gently exfoliate. With these products, a little goes a long way. I really don't need to use much of the cream cleanser. I first wet my face with warm water, and then I dry my hands, and put a little less than a pea size amount of cream cleanser on my hands. I massage the cream cleanser into my face with slight vigor, and it faintly sudses up. I rinse it off with warm water, and my face feels so clean after. I did the same routine on my hand to show you how much it actually does suds up. 
After the cream cleanser, I pat my face dry and I apply the AM Hydrating Cream. This is a magical facial moisturizer that makes me feel airbrushed. It makes my skin look so amazing. This is the first product out of the line that I am going to buy right away. I love how it paves the way for my makeup. Like the cream cleanser, it takes a very small amount of the hydrating cream to cover the face. The PM Hydrating Cream works in a similar way, but it doesn't pave the way for makeup, it paves the way for a wonderful beauty sleep. I feel beautiful when I go to bed, and when I feel beautiful going to bed, I wake up beautiful. 
Since I was using such harsh soap at work, and I was washing my hands constantly, my hands became incredibly dry. My skin would break open because my skin would be so dry. I don't like putting lotions on my hands when I have little wounds because they sting my hands. To help my hands, I have been using argan and coconut oil to help relieve my raw hands. BEAUTYCOUNTER happens to have an awesome lotion that works like a charm on my hands. It smells of blissful citrus mimosas, and it helps me relax. This lotion knocks out two birds with one stone by hydrating my hands, and by helping me wind down. 
I want to tell you that I didn't do any airbrushing to my skin. I never do airbrush editing to my skin. I do however do blemish edit, but I didn't today. The glowy look my skin has is from the AM Hydrating Cream. I am not even kidding, that is how amazing this product makes my skin look. It leaves my skin looking radiant and absolutely beautiful. I really hope you visit BEAUTYCOUNTER's website and peruse their amazing products. Remember, these products contain safe ingredients that won't harm your body, they will only help and improve your skin, and as you can see, these products WORK. 

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