Aqua Eye with Inika & The All Natural Face

This post was honestly frustrating for me. I was, at first, going a slightly different direction with this beauty post. It was going to be about the different ways you can do eyeliner, but I don't have the correct photography equipment to do so. I switched up the post to something a little more colorful, a little more whimsical, and something everyone can easily do. After I figured out the direction that I wanted to go in with this beauty look, it was much easier to go further so that I could make it awesome.
For this look, I used organic and vegan eye makeup. I have raved about The All Natural Face before (you can read about it here), and it is the eyeliner that I like to stick with. It glides on easily, and if I mess up (which I quite often do on eyeliner), it is easily fixable. This eyeliner has no harsh chemicals in it, and it is so fun to put on. I love using the brush, and the gel base makes it glide on. I am using the That Black gel pot eyeliner from The All Natural Face on my lids.
For my under eyeliner, I used Inika Organic Cosmetics, Certified Organic Eyeliner in Green Lagoon. I have never heard of this amazing company before, even today! I was given this eyeliner, and I never really looked at it before. I never really looked at the branding before today. After using Inika, I am interested. I learned a trick for pencil eyeliner, and it is unique. I took a match to the tip of it to melt it a bit, and soften it for easy application. I really like that trick because pencil eyeliners are sometimes tough to put on.
For my eye shadow, I am using Sub-Lime from The All Natural Face and a brown from Illamasqua (which I am not showcasing here). I used the Sub-Lime to accent and highlight my eyes. I like to put a lighter color in the inner part of my lid to help highlight. This really gives the base to the aqua or mermaid eye. The brown from Illamasqua is just to finish off, which I put on the outer lid, and on the lower brow bone.
I was a little apprehensive about  using a green eyeshadow. I received Sub-Lime as a samle try from when I bought my eyeliner. I haven't used it since the Summer when I wanted to try it out, but I felt that it didn't work out well with my skin tone, and my eye color. This time, I spent a little more time experimenting with Sub-Lime, and I made it work! I am excited!
I love trying out natural, organic beauty products, and creating really pretty looks. I am trying to be a little more bold in my makeup application. It is so fun how this look fell naturally on my face. I wasn't trying to get this look on purpose. I was just experimenting with some makeup that I don't normally grab for everyday, hardly ever actually. Share this look with all your beauty guru friends, and check out Inika and The All Natural Face for some natural beauty buys. 

Visit the Inika Cosmetics page here, and visit The All Natural Face page here

What makeup products are you wanting to try out?