Why Coffee Is Important To Me

To   some   people,   coffee is just a shot of energy that some people need to fulfill their morning. To me, coffee is liquid art and it can often be the glue of social gatherings. Something about the energetic scent of coffee, and the deepness of it's color is so intriguing to me. 
I   never   want   coffee to be the reason I am "unable" to talk to people before 8:00 a.m.. That is a choice that people make, it is not up to coffee. They have become so reliant on this beautiful beverage that they suck it down without a thought, and then they suddenly power up. This kind of behavior abuses coffee. My coffee habits consist of breaking out my lovely French press, and brewing a cup of Café Bustelo; I pour that delicious coffee into my favorite mug and I sip and savor that beautiful beverage. I don't drink coffee everyday, I have it about twice a week. I keep my coffee habits for enjoyment, and I never want abuse it. Another fun coffee habit I have is stopping by Starbucks every one in a while. I don't like my coffee frappuccinos sweetened because I love the delicious bitterness of their coffee. Starbucks, while it may be cliche, is my little haven for treating myself and celebration. It is also a place that my friends and I have used for social gatherings, again centering coffee around friends and social gatherings. 

When   I   stop   into Starbucks, I notice something that other people may not notice about about Starbucks. I call it Starbucks Culture. Starbucks Culture is when the baristas are friendly, and there is a group of people at the bigger table catching up, and in the corner there is a business man on his laptop, using the free wifi, and sipping on plain, black coffee. It is a fun place to people watch. Coffee is the center of Starbucks Culture, it is what has made Starbucks. Coffee is Starbucks, and coffee helps hold it all together. 
Coffee   is   an   art to me. Not only do I love the smell, and the taste, but the way it is made can be an art. There are so many different types of coffees, and there are so many appliances and machines to perfect brewing up this beautiful liquid. I love the product that comes from brewing coffee in a French press. The coffee that pours out is stronger, deeper in color, and it makes for quick iced coffee if you leave it on the counter all night. Preparing the French press is a perfected art in itself, being so that you have to preheat it, then soak the grounds in boiling water for a few minutes, and then filling it up the rest of the way with hot water. The grounds that rest beneath the filter of the French press lid is the mother of this strong beverage. This is why the French press perfects hearty coffee, because the grounds are still a part of the coffee up until the moment it is poured. In a regular coffee maker, the grounds aren't used to their fullest potential. 
Coffee   is   important    to me because it arouses memories for me. When I was little, I remember Sunday mornings were filled with a glorious, coffee smell. My dad always made his morning coffee, and the scent would travel around the house. Coffee brings me back to simpler times, and when I drink coffee now, I have simple moments.

Coffee    is   like   an escape, it takes me away from stress and chaos, and it replaces it with calm and quiet. Coffee will always be important to me, and it will be important to me for all of the right reasons. 

What beverage are you most passionate about?