What's in My Bag

I love "What's In My Bag" posts, and I have been wanting to do one for so long. When I attempted to do a "What's In My Bag" post, I always thought what I had in my bag was rather dull, and not very flashy. I guess the evolution of my stuff has changed my perspective of what is in my bag, because now I want to post about it! 
1. Must-Have On-The-Go Essential Oils. I carry them around in my tattered, green pouch. It is the perfect size to fit my four on-the-go essential oils, and it fits perfectly in my bag along with all of my other things. 
2. Emergency Car Keys. There was one time that I locked my regular car keys in my car one time, so I made another set to keep in my purse in case of emergencies. I haven't locked my keys in the car since, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. 
3. My Regular Car Keys. I feel safer with my pepper spray hooked onto my keychain. It also makes it easier to find my keys when the stuff in my purse gets jumbled around. 
4. My Phone. Sometimes my phone is in my bag, and sometimes it is in my coat pocket, or in my hands. It stays in my bag mostly because it is safer in there. It is also an essential, I never leave the house without it. 
5. The Honest Company Healing Balm. I have this in my bag always! It is non-greasy, totally organic, and it helps heal my raw, dry hands. I am constantly washing my hands at work, and my healing balm is there in my bag, ready to help. 
6. My Wallet. Pretty self explanatory. 
7. Emergency Bobby Pins and Hair Ties. 
8. Pens. At work, it is rare to find a pen, so I bring my own. It is also a good idea to bring a pen for any other occasion. You never know when you might need a pen. 
9. My Messy Little Smiles Lip Balm and My J.R. Watkins Sunset Red Lip Tint. I love to have a little color on my lips, and the Messy Little Smiles lip balm is super hydrating. 
10. The Honest Company Hand Sanitizer Spray. Ever since I read about the negative effects of anti-bacterial products, I have been looking for all-natural santizers that utilize alcohol made from plants. I feel a bit better sanitizing my hands with natural products rather than harsh, unsafe chemicals. 
11. Perfume: Dot by Marc Jacobs. I don't usually like to wear perfumes, but this one I can't resist. This perfume smells so florally, and so beautiful. I love this fragrance, and I like to take it with me. You never know when you might need to spruce yourself up. 
I'm not sure that if my readers will find what is in my bag exciting, but I had some fun sharing. I would like to do another post about what's in my bag. I may do a "What's In My Yoga Bag" post. My purse doesn't really update with the contents, they stay the same for the most part. Now you know what I carry around with me everyday. My trusty Sloan Ranger bag is perfect for when I am walking around town, or doing quick errands. I love Sloan Ranger bags, they are so adorable. This bag is the perfect size to house all of my daily essentials, and it receives quite a few compliments. 

So, what's in your bag?