March Beauty Favorites

The months are going by so fast. When it reaches the end of the month, I am left thinking that the month just started. I have been looking at other blogs lately, and the beauty gurus of the cyber world are posting their March favorites, so I decided to chime in on the beauty fun. 
So, here are my beauty favorites for March. 

1. Boots Botanics Cleansing Toner All Bright. I won this toner along with a Boots Botanics set in a Pin It Wit to Win It contest. I love the subtle fragrance of the toner, and how it actually cleans! It partners with the Botanicals facial scrub (not shown), and brightens my skin. I started using it diligently in March, and it is a permanent part of my skincare routine. I feel that my skin is cleaner when I use the Boots Botanicals Cleansing Toner. 

2. gimme BROW from benefit cosmetics. How did I live without this before? I started using gimme BROW back in September 2014, and I have been using it ever since. Recently, I have been really thankful for gimme BROW because it helps form and shape my eyebrows after I wake up. It also helps darken my brows after I powder my face. Sometimes the powder sprinkles into my brows, and makes them lighter than they are. Gimme BROW helps shape my brows, darken my brows, and keeps them from going unruly on me. I never ever thought that I would use brow makeup, but I have taken up this beauty technique that makes doing my brows easy! 

3. Dot by Marc Jacobs. I received this roller ball perfume last year for my birthday, and I still have quite a bit left in the bottle. I love how long the fragrance lasts, it lasts hours, on hours, and even overnight. I went out with some friends a few weeks ago, and I wore Dot on my neck, chest, and wrists. I could smell it all evening, and even the next morning when I woke up. It is probably my favorite perfume. I don't usually wear perfumes, but this perfume is everything I want in a perfume, so I can't pass it up. Dot has a florally smell, while still containing a fresh fragrance.

4. Smith's Rosebud Salve. This little tube is good for moisturizing anything. I mostly use it on my lips, but sometimes I use it ontop of my hands. My hands are having some kind of reaction to the gloves I wear at work, and the soap I use at work, so now my hands my are dry. I put a little dab on my hands, and hopefully soon, the dryness will go away. Smith's Rosebud Salve also comes in a tin, which I bought first. I didn't want to put my fingers in a tin and have the bacteria sit in the tin, so I figured the tube was a better fit for a germaphobe like me. The salve smells so good, so rosey, and I love putting it under lipsticks. It keeps my lips hydrated, and it prevents my lipstick from feathering. 

5. Physicians Formula 100% Pure Argan Oil. I won this in a Physicians Formula contest, and I just started using it a couple of weeks ago. This is my sole facial moisturizer now, and I love it! It has such a clean feel, and it helps control the shine. Before I started using this oil, I would get a shiny face in the late afternoon. It would be so annoying, and embarrassing. This argan oil is the miracle that I was searching for. Last week, when I did my Healthy Sexy Hair post, I discovered that pure argan oil can help with various facial problems, and take the place of certain skincare products. Not only can argan oil work as a wonderful facial moisturizer, it can work as a great leave in conditioner for your hair. I love all-in-one, natural things that can take the place of other products. That is what this argan oil is for me. Argan Wear isn't greasy, which is surprising! It makes for easy application with the included dropper bottle. I hate pouring oil out onto my hands because I always pour too much and waste it. 

I have done another "favorites" post before, and after this one, I want to continue them. As I was looking through other beauty blogs, I asked myself why I didn't have new makeup products recently. Well, it is because I was focused on building up my essential oils collection, and while I love my essential oils, I want to take a small break from purchasing them. I want to be diligent about posting beauty posts, and so I shall. However, my blog has no specific niche, so I don't think a beauty post everyday is the case here. 
I do love posting about beauty products, and this monthly favorites post was fun to put together. What are some of your beauty favorites from March? 


  1. A cleansing toner! Interesting - I will have to take a look at this one. I love toners. Thanks for your post - I will be posting my March Favourites soon too. :)



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