Hoyt Arboretum

Last   night,   my   sister  encouraged me to get out of the house. She didn't like that I was sitting around and wasting my Spring Break. She suggested that we should go to the Hoyt Arboretum. I was immediately intrigued. I love outdoor education, and seeing natural wonders. I agreed to get out of the house, and have some fun during my Spring Break, so we headed out to Hoyt Arboretum. I was enthusiastic about our little outing, I mean we were about to enter a forest full of beautiful trees. Hoyt Arboretum is such a beautiful place, Hoyt Arboretum Friends encourage visitors to feel the textures, sniff the smells, and see the sights of this living museum. It is the ultimate, outdoor classroom.

 I am enthralled with this beautiful museum of trees. Some of the trees are native to the Pacific Northwest, and some aren't. There are over 6,000 specimens brought into Hoyt Arboretum, and there are 2,000 species. We saw so many types of trees, including magnolias on the Magnolia trail, Rosacea Birch-Bark Cherry (originates from China), and beautiful sequoias on the Redwood Trail. It was the perfect outing, despite the drizzly day that Portland had. The rain actually added to the experience, I had the chance to stomp through mud with my rain boots. I can't say it enough, the Hoyt Arboretum was absolutely beautiful. Here is the photo diary of today's adventure.
I am so excited to come back to the Hoyt Arboretum. Brittney and I didn't have a chance to look through the whole arboretum, so we decided to come back sometime soon to walk the other trails of the beautiful Hoyt Arboretum.


  1. This place looks beautiful, your photos are beautiful! I would love to take a walk there :)

    1. Aw thank you! Yes, it is such a beautiful place. It is basically right in my back yard.

      I see you have a beauty blog too. I do a lot of beauty posts myself. I would love to connect more.


  2. Such pretty photos !



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