Hello March

I was actually afraid for March to arrive to be honest. This is a month that is going to be full of change, and I am nervous, yet excited about those changes. March is here, and I am taking it one day, and one task at a time. This morning, I decided to scroll through Instagram until it wouldn't let me scroll anymore. I'm so glad that I did, because I found some fun March activities to participate in. I used to love doing monthly photo challenges, but sometimes I would have to post unattractive photos of stupid things to meet the daily photo prompt. I don't do those photo challenges anymore, but I did find a March art challenge. It sparked my interest because I love creativity, and I love creating art. 
Make Your Mark March art challenge (arr fun!) is being hosted by Courtney Pilgrim (@myfriendcourt on Instagram) over at My Friend Court blog. She explains that 20 to 30 minutes of creative activity promotes better problem solving. I thought it would make an excellent blog project, and I love creating art. Today's art prompt was circles. I spent a while trying to figure out how to do this art prompt creatively, and uniquely. I began with a circle in my sketch book, and it went from there. As I progressed in my creating, I remembered a science activity I did as a child. We took black marker and drew on wet paper, observing the color separation in the black ink. I wanted to do something similar to that activity  for the art prompt. It turned out better than I imagined it to be. 
While scrolling through Instagram this morning, I not only found this fun art challenge, but I also found this giveaway. It interested me, not because it is a giveaway, but because it helps you share what blocks you up, or what you have kicked down, it allows you to share your feelings about what you won't let bring yourself down. Don't Waste Happy is hosted by Jess Oakes (@positivelyoakes on Instagram) at Positvely Oakes blog. She has a .pdf file for the sign that you can download and print for free. My sign says "I won't let stress and anxiety bring me down." I wanted to participate in the Don't Waste Happy challenge because I am dealing with heavy stress, and annoying anxiety right now; I felt it would be the perfect way to kind of relieve some of that stress. 
I wasn't planning on getting all dolled up for the photo, but after I perfected my fishtail braid, I decided to complete the look. It really boosted my mood, and boosted my confidence. I am going to do a tutorial soon on how I did my eyes,  I am really proud of my handy work today. 

This month is going to be crazy, but with these little activities, they will remind me to take a few minutes for myself, and not stress myself sick. March is the epilogue of the new chapters of my life that I will embark on. I now welcome March with open arms, and a less shaky spirit than when I was anticipating March's arrival. 
What activities are you doing to welcome the month of March?