Saturday, March 21, 2015

Healthy Sexy Hair

I am a scientist, a scientist that studies different beauty products. Over the years, I have tried many different shampoos and conditioners on my hair, and there are only a few that have received positive test results. Healthy Sexy Hair from Sexy Hair has earned a good review from me. Healthy Sexy Hair utilizes three important ingredients to hydrate and nourish your hair and scalp. It is sulfate free, so it doesn't strip your scalp of it's natural oils, and it is color safe so it preserves your (dyed) hair color. I do not dye my hair, I haven't dyed my hair in years, but I use this shampoo and conditioner for it's awesome hydrating properties, and the fact that it leaves my hair in pristine condition.
There is a small part of my locks that has a dry spot. I have been trying to give it a little fix for a while. You obviously can't revitalize deader hair (hair is already "dead"), but it can't hurt to help it out a little, and Healthy Sexy Hair really helps smooth it out. One of the revitalizing ingredients in Healthy Sexy Hair is soy. Soy is known to improve rough, dry hair, as well as liven up dull, unmanageable hair. It is a versatile ingredient that aids in defrizzing lovely locks, and helps to reduce breakage in hair. Cocoa butter, another ingredient in Healthy Sexy Hair is quite the hard working soldier in the shampoo and conditioner. Cocoa butter improves moisture in hair, and prevents hair loss. Dry hair breaks, which unfortunately leads to hair loss, and reduced hair strength. Soft, hydrated, healthy hair is stronger hair. Cocoa butter can also aid in preventing chemical damage done to hair (possibly with other shampoos and conditioners, or various hair care products). Healthy Sexy Hair has reduced dryness on my scalp. Portland's Winter wasn't very harsh, but it was brutally windy. The wind dried out my skin, leaving my scalp dry and itchy. Ever since I have been showering with Healthy Sexy Hair, my scalp is getting back to normal. 
Lastly, the third major ingredient in Healthy Sexy Hair is argan oil. Since it is an oil, it penetrates the hair cuticle, softening the hair, and leaving it easier to manage. Argan oil also helps to defrizz hair, and it promotes hair body, and shiny hair. Healthy Sexy Hair has all the goods for hair care. I do notice that my hair is a little bit more manageable since I have been using Healthy Sexy Hair. When I do my hair for work, I do pretty braids to dress up my ho-hum bun. When I ran my hands through my hair, my hair was dry and brittle. It was difficult to do my hair because it was frizzy, and ugly. Honestly, I was very self conscious about my hair, but Healthy Sexy Hair fixed it, and now it is back to beautiful. 
The giant jugs of Healthy Sexy Hair will last me for a year (or more). Find a friend who has their hair dresser's license so you can go to a professional beauty store, and buy the big jugs of shampoo and conditioner. It saves money in the long haul, and you won't run out for a year! 

Healthy Sexy Hair is an absolute wonder! It is prime hair care that can eliminate a lot of hair care products from your cabinet. It is a great product, and I am proud to showcase it. If you know of someone who is suffering from brittle hair, or hair breakage, send this post to them! Or, share this post on your social media. I have share buttons below, and I would love if you helped me spread the word on Healthy Sexy Hair. 
What hair care product do you have the most success with? 

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  1. Try patting your cuticles. When you push your cuticles back, they lump up slightly. Patting them lightly will help restore them to a more natural shape--just don't pick or pull at them!