Hair Inspiration

I am constantly inspired by beautiful pictures that I come across. Earlier today, I was inspired by one of Instabraid's photos. They always feature beautiful braids, and I always want to conquer those braids in my hair. Today, I actually did the hairdo that was featured on Instabraids, and while it was kind of messy, it still turned out beautiful.
While I was studying the braids, I realized that the back fishtail braid was actually an upside down fishtail braid. I have attempted an upside down fishtail braid before, but it didn't turn out well. I figured it out today, and I like the way it looks better than the right-side-up fishtail braids. I spent a lot of time trying to pull the loops, and make the fishtail braid bigger. I love big braids, and I'm glad that I have thick hair to do so.
On Instabraid's photo, it only showed one side of the braid, so I added a little something of my own on the other side. I did a little Dutch braid on the other side so it wasn't a lonely right side of my head. It looks a little rough, but I'm not used to doing braids on the right side of my head. I just need to keep practicing, and documenting my braids. 
I am going to do a video tutorial of this hairdo on YouTube soon, maybe during next weekend? I have been thinking about starting a vlog and expanding my blog's horizons. I did a lot of thinking about my blog over the past week, and I have a lot of planning to do. I will do a post about blog planning later in the week. So, look out for the blog post of the vlog post! Pretty exciting!

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What tough hairdo have you accomplished? 

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