Beauty Recipes: Green Clay Facials

There are so many beauty DIYs out there and so many facial recipes to choose from, but I would like to share with you the different recipes that can utilize French green clay. French green clay is a cleansing, cell regenerating, skin detoxing, wonder powder that has so many amazing benefits. The powder mixed with water makes for the perfect face mask, but if you add other ingredients, it only adds to the facial experience. 
I chose specific ingredients that have wonderful benefits for the skin, so when they are mixed with French green clay, it does wonders for the skin. I made three different French green clay facials, but each one contains honey. I tried to do a tea theme, but the argan oil isn't something you squeeze into tea, like honey or lemon. 
Here is why I used these ingredients in the facial recipes, for their amazing benefits. 
-Honey is very beneficial to the skin. It has some antibacterial properties, so it helps dry out blemishes, and it helps prevent blemishes from appearing. Honey is also rich in antioxidants, so when applied to the skin, it can help slow the aging process. Not only is it a natural acne fighter, and defies aging, but honey moisturizes the skin, and boosts a glow in your complexion. 
-Argan oil is an excellent moisturizer, and much like honey, it slows the effects of aging in the skin. It is a treatment for acne, and it heals irritated, dry, and flaky skin. Argan oil enhances the retaining of moisture in the skin when it works with honey. 
-Lemon Essential Oil is naturally toning, naturally antibacterial, and naturally brightening. It helps heal acne, and it helps cleanse the skin and boosts complexion. 
-Green Tea is soothing when (in this case is...) applied to the skin. It naturally tones the skin like lemon oil, and it reduces redness in the skin. Like argan oil and honey, green tea also reduces the effects of aging. 
French green clay is inexpensive, and you can even get it at Walgreens! I ordered mine from Walgreens, but there are many apothecary sites that sells French green clay very inexpensively. 
Mixing the green clay powder with water makes a substantial facial. It takes a long time to dry, and I noticed that when it is mixed with honey, it takes a shorter time to dry. 
I loved all three facial masks, and I feel that it has helped my skin immensely. 
If you have any questions about French green clay, please ask. I loved using French green clay for the first time. It was like skin magic. 

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