Back to Basics

It is easy to look at the things we don't have, so we sometimes overlook the things we do have. I am trying to change that by putting together cute outfits with clothes that I already have. On Pinterest, I see all these beautiful outfits, and I debate whether to save my money, or by more clothes. I always pick to save my money. One of these days, I should buy a few new things and feature them. But, for now, I am going to put together outfits with the clothes I already have.

Throughout last term, I didn't dress too fashionably. I didn't want to dress up because I had biology, and ceramics, and yoga. Over this little break I have from school, I am going to refresh my fashion sense. To begin refreshing that fashion sense, I am going back to basic styling. I was inspired by basic outfits on Pinterest. 
My favorite pair of jeans, a leather jacket from my cousin, a plain white t-shirt, and my goddess sandals from Nectar Clothing makes for a stylish, simple outfit. 
I forgot how fun it was, and how dressing stylish makes me feel confident. I love this feeling, and I am going to keep it going by making outfits and posting them. It really boosts my confidence. 
I am going not think too much about blogging, and I am just going to go with my heart, and post about pretty things.