Tacoma/Seattle Day 1

My family decided to take a trip to Seattle over the weekend, we only live a few hours away, and my parents had to go to Tacoma for a conference on Saturday morning, so we made a trip out of it. My parents went to their conference on Saturday, so it left me to drive around Tacoma to the Tacoma mall. We began the trip at 5:30 in the morning, and when Britt and I arrived to the Tacoma mall, it was 8:45. The stores didn't open until 10:00, so it left us some time to eat breakfast at Starbucks (which of course was open). 
Britt read her Bible, and I people-watched, and daydreamed. The morning was peaceful, and we spent the next five hours walking about the mall, window shopping, sitting at the charging stations to kill time, and being educated on Lush Cosmetic products. Britt and I spent a good amount of time in Lush. The employees were extremely helpful, and ready for us to try out whatever we wanted. They helped educate us on what helps our skin, and what nourishes our skin. I bought a Charity Pot, Love Lettuce fresh face mask, and I was given a sample of a facial wash (meant for men, but it works for both), Kalamazoo. I am very excited to do a post about these products. It should be a lot of fun, and I am already in love with these products. 
Britt had some Panara Bread gift cards, so she treated me to lunch. Another way to kill time. We were tired of walking around the mall, it was a pretty small mall. We decided to go into the department stores until our parents were ready to be picked up. The only highlight to the Tacoma mall was the Lush Handmade Cosmetics store, and lunch at Panara bread. 
After we picked up our parents, we were headed to Seattle. I filled the road trip with music that moved me, or had dramatic instrumentals, or fun sounds. It makes the music fun to listen to. We arrived in Seattle shortly, and checked into our hotel. We had been up for about 10 hours, and wanted to just relax for a bit. We watched HGTV, and figured out where we wanted to go eat, and what our agenda would be like for Sunday. We decided to have Mexican food, and the first place we found was out of the downtown part of the city. We wanted to eat in the city, and so we found a different place, and we were so glad we found it. El Farol in Seattle. 
When we arrived, it was packed. Every table was filled, and we knew that it was a good sign. We only waited about ten minutes, and were served with tortilla chips, and two types of salsa. I love it when restaurants give you little appetizers before you order. I am trying opto branch out more, not order so much food where I can't finish it. I hate waste, so I am doing more soups, salads, and smaller meals so I can actually finish it. I ordered a chicken tortilla soup, and a tilapia taco. It was a fabulous meal, and it was under $40 for my family of four to eat there. We even ended up grabbing up a plate of churros for dessert. We love churros! 
It was a great meal, and we didn't feel that gross, stuffed feeling we normally do with restaurants. We were perfectly content. 
For the rest of the evening, we watched HGTV, Golden Girls, and Everybody Loves Raymond. I spent some time on Pinterest, relaxing, and catching up on some games. It was a long day, so unwinding was just perfect. We had to rest up for Sunday, our full day of walking around Seattle, and driving home. 


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