Makeup Low Down

Back in the Summer, I was makeup crazy. I was buying makeup left and right, winning, receiving makeup as gifts, and I had to basically get a little suitcase for my makeup. I have never been the type of girl to need a duffle bag for makeup, but over the Summer, a little part of me fell so in love with makeup. Ever since I started work, and started this new semester, I haven't had time to put on full makeup, so I had to eliminate a few products from my everyday wear. I do still wear my eye shadow, and my eye liner occasionally, but I just don't have time every morning to do that. So, I wanted to share my makeup low down. 
I begin with my talc-free powder from Physician's Formula on a freshly washed and moisturized face. I use my complexion brush, and brush a fair amount on. This powder is amazing because it lets your skin breathe, and it lets oxygen in. Your skin isn't trapped under heavy makeup at all. I then blend it with my complexion sponge, not the knock-off beauty blender, that comes next. I brush on some blush, and if it is too bold, I use my knock-off beauty blender to tone it down. Next, I make sure my eyebrows don't go astray with benefit's gimmeBROW. This little tube is glorious. It helps darken my brows because the powder may take away their luster. I would have never purchased a product like this, it was given to me from benefit cosmetics, and I didn't think I would ever use it, but I love it. I am considering buying more when I run out. Lastly, I do a double layer of mascara. I like BIG lashes, and I have long lashes to support those, so I use two mascaras. I use Mally's volumizing mascara that I have been using for years, and then I top that with Physician's Formula Va Va Voom mascara. I really like what it does for my eyelashes.
I have had many people say to me that I don't need eyeliner, so I took them up on it. It also doesn't take away from my big eyes. I love my big eyes, like big windows. They are probably my favorite part of my face. I realized that when I put on a copious amount of eye shadow, I just minimized my eyes, even more so with eyeliner. I have realized that less is better, and that with far less makeup, my eyes can pop, show my true beauty. 
I am planning on doing a fun hair post on Friday, sharing some easy styles that I frequent, and that I receive a lot of lovely compliments on. Here is a sneak peak of what I will be sharing. 
The low down on my makeup routine is that I have "lowed" down on my daily makeup routine. It is quicker, and it has made feel prettier. I never use makeup to cover up the beauty I have, or don't have; I use makeup to enhance my beauty at times, or to experiment with it, and see what I can do with makeup. 
It is so fun to realize my beauty after going crazy with the makeup. I realize that I don't need so much to create myself a beautiful look, when I was given a beautiful look.