Lush Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask

Lush Handmade Cosmetics is probably my favorite body care shop. They offer vegan and vegetarian, handmade products, and they utilize food in a lot of their products. The nutrients from the foods they use are nourishing to the skin, and provide so many great benefits for the skin. They offer a range of organic, hand made body care, from cosmetics, to shampoos and conditioners, they do it all. Lush products are so much fun, it isn't a chore to take care of your skin, it is enjoyable. Today, I am talking about three, great Lush products, and I am featuring a fabulous Fresh Face Mask, Love Lettuce. On Saturday, my sister and I visited the Tacoma Mall on our way to Seattle, and we were so excited to see a Lush Handmade Cosmetics store there! We of course to stop by. At any Lush store, the employees are so nice, and so informational about their products. They are not stingy on letting you try out the products, in fact, they encourage you to try out the products. Britt and I had a really great experience at the Lush store in the Tacoma Mall, super nice employees. 
I purchased the Charity Pot as well, it is a nourishing hand and body lotion. The charity went to the Soi Dog Canada charity, and none of the money from Charity Pot purchases goes to employees as payment, it all goes to the charity. The Soi Dog Canada charity rescues and protects homeless and abused dogs and cats in Thailand, and working to eliminate the illegal dog meat trade. It is disturbing to me that someone would eat a dog, but it is all culturally diverse, where it is weird in one place, it could be completely normal in another place. I did not purchase the Kalamazoo face wash, I was, however given a hefty sample of the face wash, and I like the clean feel it gifts. It doesn't suds up, and a little goes a long way. It is a men's face wash, but the employee who helped me said the female Lush employees use it, and love it, so he gave a sample for me to try. I love the lemony scent it has, it is fresh, and my face feels super clean after I use it. 
I am featuring Lush's Fresh Face Mask, Love Lettuce. This green goop is quite nourishing to the skin. The crushed almond shells in the mask helps with exfoliating the skin, and scooping up dirt and debris deep in the pores of your skin. The mask smells so good, it smells of lavender essential oil, which is soothing and is wonderful for problem skin. It is a polishing mask, so it leaves your skin radiant after application and rinse. The kaolin clay helps tighten pores, and leaves your skin feeling fresh. 
After the mask, my skin feels so soft and refreshed! I like doing the mask at night because the lavender is soothing after a long day, but it also makes for a relaxing morning. My skin definitely feels beautiful after use, it feels great, and I feel a deeper clean with Love Lettuce than any other mask I have used. 
Undortunately, you can't buy the Fresh Face Masks from Lush Cosmetics online, they are only sold in the store because they need to be refrigerated. Lush Cosmetics never fails me. I am always raving about their awesome products. Go check out your local Lush Cosmetics store, and ask the employees to help you find the best product for your skin. 


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