Dutch Braided Bun

I love braiding hair. Over the Summer, I discovered the braid queen, Amber Fillerup Clark. She inspired me to try out braiding, all different types of braids. I have long, thick hair, so I love playing with it, and trying to find new things to do with it. It doesn't stay straight when I straighten it, and it takes forever to curl it with a curling iron, so I whip it up in cute styles, and those cute styles get many compliments. 
I wanted to share my signature hair style, I wear this style everyday to work, and I receive so many lovely compliments on this style. I love it, and it is easy to do. 
My hair is so long, but it is so fun to play with. Before you begin this style, make sure your hair is brushed out so there are no tangles, and your hair is smooth. Part your hair as you wish, but make sure one side is thicker than the other. Next, grab a little piece of hair on your dominant part from the front of your head, below is an example. Don't make it thick. 
Separate the small piece into three smaller piecesbegin the dutch braid. If you don't know how to dutch braid, it is just like braiding regularly, but instead of going over, you braid under, so it is like an upside down braid. It won't look ingrained into the hair, it will be right on top. Here is the difference between a Dutch braid and a regular braid. The Dutch braid is on the right, while the regular braid is on the left.
French braid Dutch the braid, including grabbed hair from alternating sides. and it should like this... Braid all the way down, then pull each loop of the braid to make the braid bigger, and secure the braid. You will also be left with a big chunk of hair left over, just leave it be for now, and focus on making your first braid bigger by pulling the loops. 
Now for the section of hair that is not yet braided. Braid the rest of the hair remaining in a regular braid starting at the top of the neck, and the base of the head. Don't include the first braid, just leave the unbraided section for the second braid by itself, and don't pull the loops of the braids, you want this second braid to be tight, you are going to be wrapping it up in a bun. 
After you braid that second braid, gather the first braid, and the second braid together, and twist it up into a braid. Secure it with an elastic, but it's not finished yet. 
Pin it down, and secure the bun with bobby pins going around the edge of the bun first, then if part of the bun needs to be secured in the middle, do that last. The braided bun looks so pretty, and the side Dutch braid is a lovely accent. 
I literally do this style everyday, and I love how easy it is. I used to do two braids on either side of my head, and do the bun, but that is too much for me, and it takes too long in the 40 minutes I have to eat, get changed for work, and try to put my hair up. I am so happy with this style, I wanted to share it with my lovely readers.
If you have any hair questions, please leave a comment below. I would love to answer them for you. After I take this style out at the end of the night, it comes out wavy, and so pretty. It is such an attractive style, and I love it for work because it keeps the hair of my face, and it has created some conversation. It is one of my very favorite styles, and I hope it works for you. 


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