10 Things About Me You Probably Didn't Know

Lately, I have been struggling with my blog, and posting regularly. I know there is no law that says I must post once a day, but I like to keep up appearances on my blog. Instead of posting once a day, I am resorting to posting a few times a week, and while I get my blogging fill, it also keeps people coming to my site. Sometimes the problem isn't having  the time to blog, but the idea to blog. My mind goes blank countless times because either I have already blogged my great idea, or I don't have the time or budget to do something extravagant. Fortunately, not all viewers are into extravagant posts about extravagant things. Sometimes, all viewers are looking for is simplicity and something to boost their spirits. 

I have been seeing these types of posts on Instagram, Pinterest, and other blogs that I read. I have done a post like this like this in the past, but I left out some things that are kind of quirky about me. I think it is kind of fun to read these types of posts because then you can find people who may have similar quirks, or interests that you do. When you find those who have similar quirks or interests that you do, it gives you a chance to connect to that person. So here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about me. 

1. I don't like blender noises. While I love the delicious beverage that comes out of the blender, I am really not a fan of the noise it makes. The whirring seems to go on forever, and it is a relentless sound. I have pretty sensitive hearing, and not the kind of hearing that dogs have, it is the kind of hearing where various levels of sound hurt my ears. It is peculiar, and it all started when I had surgery in my ears 9 years ago. Before that, noises didn't bother me too much. 

2. I don't like the sound of car doors slamming shut. My 10 things about me that you probably didn't know are not all about sounds, they just happen to be part of my quirks. I live across the street from people who constantly have guests over, and sometimes it feels like the cars have thirty doors on it, and they are being slammed shut one after another. It must be the way my house is situated that the car door slams echoes in a very loud, an annoying way.

3. I start to cry when people mention Good Night Blue. Have you ever heard of Blue's Clues? Well, when I was little, my mom would put on a night time mystery with Blue and Steve. It reminds me of the simpler times of my childhood, and I begin to cry. So last night, my mom told me that she thinks I stress too much, and she was trying to make me laugh or smile by putting on Good Night Blue for me. It only made me cry, but it was a sweet gesture. It is the weirdest thing to cry about, but I do.

4. I like listening to Hozier way too much. It's not a bad thing. A couple of weeks ago, during my family's trip to Seattle, I put on the Hozier station on my Pandora and every time his songs would pop up, I would be very intrigued in his songs. His voice is amazing, and his songs are so deep. They are gritty, and he sings of things that are kind of controversial. I applaud him for that. His sound is just so addictive. Don't you love songs that are addicting to listen to? Everyone has a different preference. 

5. I have no desire to go to Hawaii. "But it's so beautiful!" I understand that folks, but it has been taken over by tourists and trip junkies. I would so rather stay in a tree house in the woods, or stay in a country cabin up in the mountains. Of course, if I get the chance to go one day, I am not going to turn it down. It is some place I have to go before I die, but it is not the place that I am dying to go. 

6. I binge watched Dance Moms when it came on Netflix. It is a horrible show, I know, but the drama that the moms and Abby cause makes me laugh. It is so stupid, but weirdly entertaining. The show is one of my guilty pleasures, and we are all allowed to have a few of those right? 

7. I have way too many dreams about clowns and crime. A few years ago, I had this dream where clowns surrounded the outside of my house, and they were pounding on the windows like robots trying to get into my house. I also have dreams about people (not clowns specifically) trying to come into my house. I believe the dreams stem from watching way too many Blue Bloods episodes. The dreams aren't recurring, but they happen often, and it is always about people or things trying to get into my house.

8. I prefer reality TV to sitcoms. I have the TV on quite a bit, but it isn't to watch it, it is mainly on for background noise while I work on things. Reality TV sometimes follows up, but mostly you don't have to pay attention to it to know what is going on. With sitcoms, big details happen when you blink your eyes, and then you miss it. With Netflix, you can fortunately rewind the episode and watch what you missed, but while watching the sitcom, you have to focus on the sitcom. I like doing other things while the TV is on, like cleaning the house, or working on an article or a blog post, and that is why I like reality TV because you don't really have to pay attention. 

9. Fancy dates don't appeal to me. While I have never been on a real date, let alone a fancy date, I do have an opinion about them. I feel it is a waste to take someone out to impress them, unless they are only after status and wealth. I think a simple date will do just the trick, with a picnic, or eating Chinese take-out at the coffee table. Fancy dates could be fun, but I am just not into dimly lit restaurants, and menus that total up to thousands of dollars. I guess this is my frugal side speaking. 

10. I am a major foodie. With all of the pictures that I take of my food, this one is known to everybody. I live in a family where good food is extremely important, so when I go to an eatery, I always do my research. I read reviews, and see what local bloggers have said about the particular eatery before I go. I love to do research, especially when it is about food. I'm not going to waste my time on something that doesn't have good reviews, or a fun experience that I will take away from the visit. I am not that picky of a foodie, because sometimes I go somewhere on a whim and it turns out delicious. 

It felt good to take some time today and put quality in my post. It was very fulfilling. I am a person who loves to share different aspects of my life, and I love how sharing and blogging connects people. That is why I blog, and that is why I will continue to blog. That is why I shared some of my quirky things, in hopes of inspiring and connecting with others. If you have a fact post about yourself, link it to me in the comments, I would love to read it!