Young Living Valor Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

How did I survive without Valor before? Oh that's right, I was barely getting by. I was constantly worried, constantly anxious, stressed out always it seemed, and I just could not get past those negative, doubtful thoughts. I received Valor for Christmas this year, and it is an oil that has helped me form routine, it has helped reduce my anxiety, and calm my nerves. With starting a new term in school, I have been anxious with what this term will bring, and I have been anxious about my goals. Why be anxious about the unknown? That is why I am anxious, because it is unknown. This essential oil reminds me to take a deep, cleansing breath, and look out into the day with a positive attitude, and a good spirit. 
Ever morning, before I wake up, I put a drop of Valor on my left wrist, and put my right wrist together with my left wrist; I keep them together for a few minutes, and then inhale from my wrists. This helps to balance the body, and when inhaled, it calms. It is a great start to my morning, and it is a routine for me now, I really should get a Valor roller bottle. :) 
This morning, I combined Orange and Valor together in the diffuser, it is such a happy combination. Orange is so blissful, and mixed with Valor, it is blissful, and calming. I definitely needed this combination this morning before I started my Winter term in college today. 
Valor isn't just for my morning routine, but my nightly routine as well. I like to put a drop on my hands, rub them together, and brush my hands on my pillow; this is so that I can go to sleep faster. I have a hard time sleeping some nights, my mind just doesn't turn off, it doesn't stop thinking, but when I put Valor on my pillow, it smells so good, and calms me down. Do you know what it kind of smells like? Blueberries. ;) 
I did this with my morning Valor routine, I put a drop in my hands, rubbed them together, and slathered it on both of my feet, and rubbed another drop of Valor in my hands, and rubbed my neck and chest. I did this right before I left for class, and the times I felt nervous, or anxious, I smelled my Valor, and every negative feeling just left. It felt absolutely wonderful, knowing that I can calm my nerves with this bottle of blue gold. ;) 

I am excited to get my next order of essential oils in. It isn't like regular shopping, it is like, this is what it is: "I am buying these to make my life healthier, greener, and a little bit more chemical free. These oils help me when I help myself, these oils help to motivate me, these oils help my family, these oils are just plain awesome." 
That is sort of my Young Living mission statement. So, if you have any questions about Valor, or about essential oils, just contact me via e-mail, or through the comments below. 


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