Yoga Love

Yoga has been a real eye opener to me, it has shown me how much pent up stress I really have, and how much pent up anger toward some people I have. I needed to lock up my dark worlf, and walk away with my white wolf. Unfortunately, the dark wolf will always be following me, but I can lock it up from time to time. In yoga class yesterday, we talked about releasing the negative, but throwing it out. We did palates yesterday, active yoga, and to be honest, it felt great. We hit our mats, we shook off our negative, we threw our negative, we shook off the "crap" from our minds. I am really loving my yoga class, it is showing that stress holds me back. I stopped stressing, and things started happening, good things started happening to help me toward my goal. Along with yoga, I use my oils to help relax me. I wake up early in the morning for yoga class, and my morning oily routine sort of motivates me. I love the smells of my oils, and I love smelling them all throughout my session. I ended up making a yoga blend for myself out of my favorite oils. I put my essential oil chemist hat on, and mixed up a lovely blend.
My yoga blend consists of 5 drops of Peace & Calming, 3 drops of Valor, 3 drops of peppermint, 3 drops of orange, 3 drops of lemon, 3 drops of grapefruit, and diluted with olive oil in a roller bottle. I love this blend, I put it on my wrists and on the inside of my elbow. I love smelling it during yoga session. It is lovely!
I add a little bit of Peace & Calming to my neck and temples after I apply my yoga blend, and then Valor along my spine, and peppermint to give me a bit of a zip. I love utilizing my oils with yoga. It is wonderful!
Yoga mats attract a lot bacteria, and essential oils are quite powerful against bacteria. I made a yoga mat spray. My hands get sweaty during yoga, and that is normal, but it makes my mat gross, so I use my handy dandy mat spray that I made with my oils. It is super easy!
I made my spray with 1 drop of each lemon, Purification, Thieves, and water. I spray my mat after each session, I don't want bacteria building up, I put my face on my mat.
I did a 15 minute yoga session today, and after I put Valor on my spine and feet, it felt so good to wiggle my toes! I am becoming a yogi again! It has been a while, and I should not have waited this long to start up yoga again, but I did, and it was at the best possible time too. 
My stress was making me bitter, but I am melting it off, and it feels so good! I love sharing my journey with my readers. I love documenting this time, it is so significant to me. 

I hope everyone has a relaxed weekend, I have a fun post planned for tomorrow, readers! 


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