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Hydrated skin is happy skin, and with the help of VII Code skin care, my skin can be hydrated, bright, and revitalized. VII Code was created in 1943 during World War II, it was a luxury skin care club in New York for those of high social status. It was the first club to offer customizable skin care. VII Code was named after VII Byrne Victor, who is the legendary creator of beauty. He was the first to introduce customizable skin care, and his beliefs have impacted skin care, and the beauty industry after all these years. 
The origin of VII Code began in Austria, Byrne Victor was inspired his father to go into dermatology. He carried out his life studying the field of dermatology. Byrne's focus, at first, was to find a cure for his genetic skin condition. He experimented on himself, and ended up making his skin condition worse. Finally, he mixed a formula that cured his skin condition, and made his skin smooth and soft. His mysterious, magical formula spread all over Europe, and was used by aristocrats, and celebrities. Byrne Victor was passionate about customizable skin care, and preserving beauty. His famous quote states, "Every woman could be the most beautiful in her own way." -Byrne Victor, quote from VII Code's website. 
I love applying VII Code's All-star Oxygen eye-cream under my eyes before applying my regular moisturizer. I apply a small amount, and sweep it under my eyes both in the morning, and later in the evening. A little goes a long way with this gentle formula, it isn't harsh, and it doesn't clump and cake up makeup around the eyes like other eye creams out there. I have been using this eye-cream for about a week, and I already see a difference. I wake very early some days, and I sometimes I don't look awake completely, but ever since I started using VII Code's products, my eyes are brighter, my skin is hydrated and healthy looking, and I look more awake. 
This morning, I woke up, washed my face, and applied my VII Code eye-cream, and didn't apply any face makeup, I just put a little mascara on for photo reasons, and that is it. I can definitely see a difference in my under-eyes, the skin around my eyes is far brighter, and far smoother, especially after wearing VII Code's O2M Oxygen Eye Mask overnight. 
The O2M Oxygen Eye Mask is a hydrating, brightening, revitalizing, overnight mask. It is easy to apply to your under eyes with the infused plant oxygen extracts in the soft, gel-like material that will naturally stick with your skin. VII Code says that "plant oxygen stimulates the mitochondrial DNA core elements-cell memory..." This amazing ingredient activates cell memory, which repairs skin, improves vitality, and brightens to make skin smooth, and hydrated. 
Restore your skin with VII Code. They are celebrating the 255th anniversary of Byrne Victor, and of how women deserves her own beauty. Bring your skin back to bright, beautiful, and happy skin with VII Code. It is such an incredible company, with a rich history, and a passion for individual beauty. 

To learn more about VII Code, visit their website, and their Facebook page. They will provide all of the information you need on their ingredients, and their cell-oxygenating products. 

This post was sponsored by Claire Jones, and VII Code. Thank you VII Code for supporting Barefoot in Blue Jeans. 


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