DIY Sore Muscle Oil

I am running out of my oils, so it is time to order more, and try out new ones. I am recycling the empty bottles, and mixing up oil blends  to even further benefit from my oils. We have a lot of sore muscles in my house, and we have been using ginger essential oil, and peppermint essential oil on our sore muscles, and a few minutes after application, the pain goes away. I thought of mixing peppermint, ginger, and a carrier oil together to increase benefit. 
I washed up an empty oil bottle, and added 2/3 pure olive oil in the bottle, 13 drops of Peppermint essential oil, and 10 drops of ginger essential oil. I have a sore neck from a yoga pose that I did, and I dabbed some sore muscle oil on my neck, and it soothed it. I love my oils, and this will definitely be an oil that I take with me on-the-go. 
Peppermint essential oil offers so many great benefits, I put straight peppermint oil on my sore muscles, but sometimes it burns, that is why dilution is always a good idea. Ginger essential oil is also an oil to help with muscle soreness. Mixing the two together create a concoction that helps relieve pain. It is also a great mix for car sickness, or nausea. These two oils help relieve nausea, so rubbing a bit of the mix on your temples will keep away the woozy feeling. 
I love blending and mixing my own oils. I am excited to pursue this, mixing up more of my own blends. I just ordered a few more oils last week, and they should arrive tomorrow or Tuesday. I want to make a yoga blend, and when I create it, I will post it. These oils are so much fun, and they offer better health. The only pill form medication I take is over-the-counter Pamprin the second day of my cycle, that is the day I have the most intense cramps, and I can even feel them through the Pamprin sometimes. I do rub Peppermint and Grapefruit on abdomen during the small, annoying cramps, and they go right away. Since I have been using essential oils, I feel that I have been more energetic, and that I have better overall health. I am very eager to try more, and different oils. This journey with Young Living has been such a good, positive thing in my life. 


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