Chegg Student Review

As a college student, I am always trying to find cheaper ways to acquire my textbooks. I hate paying for textbooks, it is astronomical, and I am a pretty frugal person. I cringe whenever I swipe my card, and I just paid over $100 for a text book that I will only use for a couple of months. I really dislike it. I found this awesome site for buying and renting physical textbooks or ebook textbooks, and they offer great prices. 
I had to get this Biological Anthropology book for my Anthropology class, and I wanted to try to get an eBook version, I am not a huge fan of physical books. I don't mind physical books, but when doing homework, I like the simplicity of an eBook. My homework space does not have to filled with books, and notebooks, and extra things. Anyway, this one girl in my class said that she paid $200 for her book; there was absolutely no way I was going to pay $200 for a book. I decided to hunt, and I found Chegg. There is an option to rent your book, so I was thrilled because that was a cheap option, and I could return it so I wouldn't have to try and sell a book at the end of the term. I paid only $30 to rent my book, and I get a physical book, and free return shipping. 
I was supposed to get my book today, they said I would receive it on Tuesday, but I received it a day earlier. Kudos to them on shipping. When I opened my package, there was my book, and then a Red Bull, and a package of Tide Pods. I am not one to drink Red Bull, but that was so incredibly nice of them! Giving the college student an energy boost, and a free laundry load. I will always use Chegg when I need a text book. 
Another awesome thing about Chegg is that they plant trees. They have planted over 5 million trees, and whoever is a friend to the environment, I am a fan of. 
So, if you are a student, and you are trying to scrimp and save, use Chegg to rent your books. They also offer tutoring, college help, and scholarships sometimes. Chegg is great! 
Chegg is there for college students, so let's support Chegg. 


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